Leadership Essay 56th Hbct

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I’ve also come to realize that working toward a common vision is much more motivating to me than my own personal reasons for carrying out a task.

In a way, that could possibly be the single most important issue in academe: How would the system change if we all worked together towards the common good instead of focusing on our own individual motivations?

Someone took a chance on me and allowed me to learn and grow personally and professionally alongside them, as well as gave me independence to pursue my own interests.

That helped me make the transition from an inexperienced graduate student to an independent researcher.

Having a team of people in whom you have confidence backing you up and doing the work behind the scenes can allow you to take a break and just let things happen sometimes.

As a leader make sure to follow up with them, but also trust them to do their job, and they will thank you for it.Over the last several years, I have had the privilege of participating in or leading teams in various capacities.But I don’t think I ever quite realized how grateful I should be for such opportunities.I continue to be amazed at the level of confidence they have placed in my ability to perform multiple tasks, which has positively influenced both my personal and professional development in significant ways.I am grateful to everyone who has ever put their trust in me to tackle a project and then stepped away and let me lead it.Create a detailed plan so that each person knows what they are supposed to be doing.Perhaps it is just personal preference, but I am much more productive when I know what I need to do, when it’s due and how it fits into the grander vision.Having someone have complete confidence in my abilities has been a very powerful motivator for me to lead others in much the same way.Leading Teams in Multiple Settings You can find a lot of parallels between running a research lab and leading teams in various other settings, including nonprofits.This type of discovery is not possible without stepping away from our busy lives and taking the time for introspection, and it also requires having someone to allow us to do that.I appreciate the people who trained me in that way, and I try to do the same for others. As important as it is to be a good leader, you will not be able to achieve much -- or at least not be able to make a lasting, long-term impact -- without a team to support you.


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