Leadership Strengths Weaknesses Essay

Leadership Strengths Weaknesses Essay-31
Wouldn’t everyone simply try present himself or herself in the best possible light in this situation?But the interviewers aren’t actually that bothered about the answer you give them. It’s not to say they don’t care about your answers, but that your approach to the question can reveal as much as the actual answer you provide.

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As mentioned briefly above, you should never lie about your skills or abilities.

The lie will always come and bite you in the end, especially if you are offered the role.

The strength and weakness question focuses on: Furthermore, the question isn’t usually presented as a standalone question, but often comes with follow-ups.

The follow-ups are used for expanding on your answers and to notice whether you actually have thought about the question, rather than just pulled out the answers from your hat.

We’ll now move on to examine the different strategies you should use to answer the questions, as well as outline the mistakes you must avoid.

Before we expand on those strategies, you can watch the below video, which touches on some of the points we’ll be making: ” The question about your strong attributes might seem easier and it can seem easy to start listing the different strengths you have.

It’s a good idea to relate your answers to the job position.

Think beforehand what are the specific qualities required in the role and which one of them align with your attributes well. The strength you pick should not be something generic.

Since the question on strengths often comes with a follow-up, you can prepare for it by picking an attribute you’ve used in the past.

This also provides more authenticity to your answer, as you’re not just making things up.


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