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Lucky for us, this is kind of a fairly intuitive property of limits.So in this case, this is just going to be equal to, this is L times M. Same thing, if instead of having a function here, we had a constant. This is often called the constant multiple property. So if we have the limit as x approaches c of f of x divided by g of x.Watch the video lesson to learn the concept, then work these worksheets to test skills.

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The “lim” shows limit, and fact that function f(n) approaches the limit L as n approaches c is described by the right arrow as: f(n) = L.

We assume that To consider the limit of a sum of difference, select the limits individually and put them back with the corresponding sign.

This fact works regardless of number of functions we seperated by “ ” or “-”.

Worksheet 1: Evaluating Simple Limits with Substitution - Part 1Worksheet 2: Evaluating Simple Limits with Substitution - Part 2Worksheet 3: Evaluating Limits by Factoring - Part 1Worksheet 4: Evaluating Limits by Factoring - Part 2Worksheet 5: Limits Involving Trig Functions Worksheet 6: Tangent Lines, Velocity, and Limits Worksheet 7: Formal Definition of a Limit Worksheet 8: Limit Laws Worksheet 9: Using the Limit Laws Worksheet 10: The Squeezing Theorem Worksheet 11: Left Hand and Right Hand Limits - Part 1Worksheet 12: Left Hand and Right Hand Limits - Part 2Worksheet 13: Continuity These worksheets are to be used along with the Calculus 1 Limits video lessons.

And actually, let me even write it as a fractional power, to the r over s power, where both r and s are integers, then the limit of f of x to the r over s power as x approaches c, is going to be the exact same thing as the limit of f of x as x approaches c raised to the r over s power.

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Once again, when r and s are both integers, and s is not equal to 0. And this is the same thing as L to the r over s power. So using these, we can actually find the limit of many, many, many things.

And what's neat about it is the property of limits kind of are the things that you would naturally want to do.

And if you graph some of these functions, it actually turns out to be quite intuitive.

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