Literature Review For Dissertation

However, if you plan to do the work on your own, our tips should come in handy.

When writing a literature review, you shouldn’t just retell the short description of each source.

The size of this chapter can be different, depending on requirements.

The longer the dissertation, the longer the literature review will be, don’t forget that it should also be sorted logically and grouped into several sections if needed.

You should draw out the main topics of your dissertation.

It is better for readers when they understand the topics highlighted in your document so they will be able to understand your literature review and other sections in the context of these topics.

When creating a literature review for a dissertation, you may also need the help of your instructor if you don’t know your requirements.

Students don’t always evaluate their writing well and don’t fit into terms.

The literature review has been described as a "report of primary scholarship" (Cooper, 1988) and "an interpretation and synthesis of published work" (Merriam, 1988, quoted by Murray, 2002).

The two key words here are scholarship and synthesis: a literature review relates particular research to the a wider field.


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