London Examinations Igcse Mathematics Past Papers

London Examinations Igcse Mathematics Past Papers-61
Edexcel IGCSE is two 2 hour papers with a formula sheet for each paper. How do the old and new GCSE maths compare for difficulty?

Edexcel results are released at the same time as normal GCSE results on the 22 August and can also be collected from a similar online portal.

Thanks for reading and good luck collecting your results on Tuesday!

Hello everybody, On the behalf of all the moderators here, I would like to congratulate all of you who have completed your i GCSEs and have made it to this point. At the time of writing this post results day is about 2 days away and I am sure that this is making many people nervous or excited in anticipation of what is to come.

This post is here to provide a central location to discuss your expectations for results day and what results you get on the day itself.

Without going into too much detail, due to mental health issues I have missed a lot of high school.

My friends my age did their GCSEs this summer and are starting their A Levels so basically I am 2 years behind where I would have been.I've been doing past papers and so far I'm doing good with reading, writing needs more practise but I'm a quick learner.Listening is pretty good too but I need to pay more attention when listening.Can anyone explain what these exams are and if I have to sit them?Edexcel don't respond and as I'm self-studying I don't have teachers / lecturers to ask.This means that, from now, all new posts discussing about results day and talking about what results you expect will be removed.The sub will also be locked from new posts for 48 hours from the morning of results day. Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . There is very little difference between the exam boards for maths GCSE, so choose whichever you can find a convenient exam centre for.Thankfully I’m feeling a bit better and have decided to get some qualifications hence this post.As a little bit of background the school I went to did a 3 year GCSE course which I did a year of so I have a bit of background knowledge but obviously I’ll need to start again. Obviously my parents are going to call and get a better understanding, I just thought this sub was probably a pretty good starting place.


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