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He added that a missing doctoral dissertation is unsettling, but the fact that the dissertation had not been resubmitted was even more baffling.

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Peng agreed with Cao in his Facebook post, saying the missing dissertation was the most bizarre incident he had encountered in his 25-year academic career.

He added this didn’t necessarily mean, however, that Tsai’s academic degree is fraudulent.

Theses are not available for loan, either to individuals or via interlibrary loan.

Some Uo L research degree theses submitted by UCL students in the areas of classical, Germanic, Latin American studies; history and law are not held: check the catalogue of the Uo L School of Advanced Study for availability.

The Library does not normally hold print copies of any theses in the following categories: PQDT Global contains over a million full-text dissertations and theses from 1861 onwards that are available for download in PDF format.

The collection includes PQDT UK and Ireland content.In addition, the British Library’s e-theses online service also carries information about Tsai’s doctoral dissertation.A social media user questioned why the media was still speculating about Tsai’s academic credentials when evidence, such as the British Library service and LSE stating Tsai earned a law degree in 1984, shows this is a non-issue.B., , Ph D Gender, Citizenship and Reproductive Rights in the Poblaciones of Southern Santiago, Chile Willmot, C., Ph D Transforming Traditions: the Dynamics of Cultural Variation in the Gamo Highlands, Southwest Ethiopia Freeman, D.G., Ph D Reproductive Rights and Citizenship: Family Planning in Zimbabwe Ferguson, C., Ph D T'Ga za Jug - Waiting for Macedonia: the Changing World of Young Female Engineers in the Republic of Macedonia Thiessen, I., Ph D Women and Gold: Gender and Urbanisation in Contemporary Bengal Donner, F.Civil societies, state transformation and social antagonism in 'European Serbia'Mikus, M, Ph D Planting roots, making place: an ethnography of young men in Port Vila, Vanuatu Kraemer, DA, Ph D Indigenous autonomy amid counter-insurgency: cultural citizenship in a Philippine frontier Gatmaytan, A, Ph D No longer kings: learning to be a Mongolian person in the Middle Gobi Michelet, AP, Ph D Manufacturing stability: everyday politics of work in an industrial steel town in Hulwan, Egypt Makram Ebeid, D, Ph D Transforming the self: an ethnography of ethical change amongst young Somali Muslim women in London Liberatore, G, Ph D An ethnographic study of family, livelihoods and women's everyday lives in Dakar, Senegal Hann, AC, Ph D We shall overcome: radical populism, political morality and participatory democracy in a Venezuelan barrio Wilde, MW, Ph D Continuity, communion and the Dread: the Maori Rastafari of Ruatoria, Aotearoa - New Zealand Robinson, D, Ph D Satnami self-assertion and Dalit activism: everyday life and caste in rural Chhattisgarh (central India)Singh, Y, Ph D Clandestine migration and the business of bordering Europe Andersson, R, Ph D Anatolian fragments: Armenians between Turkey and France Al-Rustom, HA, Ph D Patronage, exploitation and the invisible hand of Mao Tse Tung in an urban municipality in western Nepal Hoffmann, MP, Ph D Practising aesthetics: artisanal production and politics in a woodcarving village in Oaxaca, Mexico Cant, A, Ph D The family in changing China: a local history of kinship in rural Zhejiang province Roberts, DWO, Ph D Peripheral nationhood: being Israeli in Kiryat Shemona Furberg Moe, MC, Ph D Why not marry them?: history, essentialism and the condition of slave descendants among the southern Betsileo (Madagascar)Regnier, DA, Ph D Building political relations: cooperation, segmentation and government in Bancoumana (Mali)Pes, LG, Ph D The shade of the divine: Approaching the sacred in an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian community Boylston, TA, Ph D Cementing modernisation: Transnational markets language and labour tension in a Soviet-era factory in Moldova Chamberlain-Creanga, R, Ph D The work of financialisation: An ethnography of a global management consultancy in a post-Mao China Chong, KZ, Ph D Growing up and becoming independent: an ethnographic study of new generation migrant workers in China Fang, I, Ph D An anthropological study of ethnicity and the reproduction of culture among Hong Kong Chinese families in Scotland Bell, EM, Ph D The Everyday Order of Things: An Ethnographic Study of Occupation in a West Bank Palestinian Village Development in the Mountains of Confusion: Guaribas under the Zero-Hunger Programme Sorrentino, M, Ph D Exporting subservience: Sri Lankan women's migration for domestic work Frantz, EA, Ph D Life and labour on the settler farms of the Zimbabwean-South African border Bolt, M, Ph D Being, becoming and unbecoming a refugee: The lives of Congolese children in Dar es Salaam Mann, GR, Ph D Staying Humble in the City: Traditional Pentecostalism in Contemporary São Paulo St Clair, G, Ph D Kunchikorve worlds of work Shinde, P, Ph D Negotiating Traditions: Transformations of Jewish Identities and Community Building in Post-Soviet Odessa, Ukraine Sapritsky, M, Ph D The Politics of Place, Community and Recognition among Kashmiri Pandit Forced Migrants in Jammu and Kashmir Datta, A, Ph D Conversion and the Logic of Mormonism: An Ethnography from the Russian City of Samara Washburn, D, Ph D Kinship as Citizenship: State Formations, Sovereignty and Political Ethics Among the Kallars of Central Tamilnadu Arumugam, I, Ph D 2010 Status, Security and Change: An Ethnographic Study of Caste, Class and Religion in Rural Rajasthan Mullard, J, Ph D Windfall Wealth and Envy in Three Chinese Mining Villages Zhang, H, Ph D The Social Life of the Pill: An Ethnography of Contraceptive Pill Users in a Central London Family Planning Clinic Boydell, V, Ph D The land of gold: risk and recognition in the central highlands of Timor-Leste Bovensiepen, J, Ph D Filipina Intermarriage in Rural Japan: An Anthropological Approach Umeda, Y, Ph D A Stable Environment: Surrogacy and the Good Life in Scotland Dow, KL, Ph D Identity and Difference in a Muslim Community in Central Gujarat, India Following the 2002 Communal Violence Heitmeyer, CM, Ph D Workers, Netas and Goondas: The Casualisation of Labour in an Indian Company Town Sanchez, A, Ph D Status, Morality and the Politics of Transformation: An Ethnographic Account of Nurses in Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa Hull, EA, Ph D Politics, Patronage and Debt Bondage in the Pakistani Punjab Martin, NE, Ph D Self Harm and Self Inflicted Death amongst Sinhalese Buddhits in Sri Lanka: An Ethnographic Study Widger, T, Ph D Opium Poppy Husk Traders in Rajasthan: The Lives and Work of Businessmen in the Contemporary Indian Opium Industry De Wilde, RM, Ph D Everyday Moralities: Family, Work, Ritual, and the Local State in Rural China Steinmuller, J, Ph D Love in a Big City: Sexuality, Kinship, and Citizenship amongst Lala ('lesbian') Women in Beijing Engebretsen, EL, Ph D Being Gay, Being Straight: An Anthropological Critique of Manchester's Gay Village Darbyshire, KJ, Ph D Gender, education and status in a Dalit community in Andhra Pradesh, South India Still, CLM, Ph D Social Change and Religious Transformation in a Pentecostal Church in Ghana and London Daswani, G, Ph D An ethnographic analysis of HIV/AIDS in the Venda region of South Africa: Politics, peer education and music In the House, Around the House: An Ethnography of Hadar - Hadrami Migration to Kuwait Alajmi, AM, Ph D The production of difference: sociality, work and mobility in a community of Syrian Dom between Lebanon and Syria Bochi, G, Ph D Memory and (re)making moral order in the aftermath of violence in a highland Khmer village in Cambodia Zucker, EM, Ph D Inventing the Public Enemy: The Gangster in Taiwanese Society, 1991-2006Santos, P, Ph D Witchcraft, religious transformation, and Hindu nationalism in rural central India Desai, AA, Ph D From Enemies to Affines: Conflict and Community among the Waorani of Amazonian Ecuador High, CR, Ph D Close Bonds: Kinship, Politics and Livelihoods in a Lebanese Village Obeid, M, Ph D Being a "Soviet Korean" in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan Shin, JF-M, Ph D Elites and Modernity in Mozambique Sumich, JM, Ph D Cutting the Anthill: The Symbolic Foundations of Female and Male Circumcision Rituals among the Mandinka of Brikama, The Gambia Ahmadu, FS, Ph D Miraculous Democracy: Political and Religious Power in a Convent and Village of South Central Romania Forbess, AI, Ph D Marriage, knowledge, and morality among Catholic peasants in Northeast Brazil Mayblin, MM, Ph D Living apart: separation and sociality amongst the Ashéninka of Peruvian Amazonia Killick, E, Ph D Mapuche Person, Mapuche People: Individual and Society in Indigenous Southern Chile Course, MEG, Ph D Domination, Development and Drought: A Study of Two Chikunda Settlements in Dande, Zambesi Valley, Zimbabwe Claudio, FM , Ph D Living on the Frontline: Politics, Migration and Transfrontier Conservation in the Mozambican Villages of the Mozambique-South Africa Borderland Norman, WO, Ph D Visions of Authority: Leadership, Power and Hierarchy in Central China Pharoah, R, Ph D People and Tigers: An anthropological study of the Sundarbans of West Bengal, India Jalais, A, Ph D Educational Disadvantage, Trilingualism and Social Change: The Pomaks of Greek Thrace Michail, D, Ph D Understanding the state: An anthropological study of rural Jharkhand, India Shah, A, Ph D Work and Relatedness in Rural Southwestern China Hardardottir, S, MPhil 'We Are Not The True People': Notions of Identity and Otherness among the Ese Ejja of Northern Bolivia Lepri, I, Ph D The Education of Taiost Priests in Contemporary Shanghai, China Yang, D-R, Ph D Close to the Fire: History, Power and Morality in a Vietnamese Factory Community Rosenthal, M, Ph D Identities in conflict: An ethnography of war and the politics of identity in Ethiopia, 1998-2000Tronvoll, K, Ph D Digesting Modernity: Body, Illness and Medicine in Kolkata (Calcutta)Ecks, SM, Ph D Steel Lives: Ethnography of Labour in Contemporary Sheffield Mollona, M, Ph D Law at Work: Law, Labour and Citizenship among West Bank Palestinians Kelly, TW, Ph D Rebels and Devotees of Jharkhand: Social, Religious and Political Transformation among the Adivasis of Northern India Verardo, B, Ph D The Production of Ambition: The Making of a Baltic Business Elite Timm, A, Ph D Governing Morals: State, Marriage and Household amongst the Gaddis of North India Kapila, K, Ph D The Keita Project: An Anthropological Study of International Development Discourses and Practices in Niger Rossi, B, Ph D Divisive visions: A Study of Minority Identities among Turkish-Speakers in Komotini, Northern Greece Demetriou, O, Ph D Benelong's Haven: An Anthropological Study of an Australian Aboriginal Rehabilitation Centre Chenhall, RD, Ph D Social Mobility in a Chamar Community in Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Northern India Ciotti, M, Ph D Sons of Krishna: the Politics of Yadau Community Formation in a North Indian Town Michelutti, L, Ph D The Search for Knowledge among the Seventh-Day Adventists in the area of Maroantsetra, Madagascar Keller, ES, Ph D Bangladeshi Family Life in Bethnal Green Pollen, R, Ph D From Local Tensions to Ethnic Conflict: The Emergence of Hindu Nationalism in a Christian/Hindu 'Tribal' Community in Chhattisgarh, Central India Froerer, P, Ph D Forest Hunter-Gatherers and their World: A Study of the Mbendjele Yaka Pygmies of Congo-Brazzaville and their Secular and Religious Activities and Representations Lewis, D A Way Back to Aztlan: Sixteenth Century Hispanic-Nahuatl Transculturation and the Construction of the New Mexico Levin-Rojo, D, Ph D Knowledge, Education and Social Differentiation Amongst the Betsileo of Fisakana, Highland Madagascar Freeman, LE, Ph D Coping with Marginality: The Bunun in Contemporary Taiwan Yang, S-Y, Ph D The Art of Mexican Cooking: Culinary Agency and Social Dynamics in Milpa Alta, Mexico Adapon, LJ, Ph D Merchants, 'Saints', and Sailors: The Social Production of Islamic Reform in a Port Town of Western India Simpson, EL, Ph D Maori and Pakeha - the Quest for Identity in Aotearoa/New Zealand Kaustrater, M, Ph D Between Places: Aboriginal Decentralisation, Mobility and Territoriality in the Region of Coen, Cape York Peninsula (Queensland, Australia)Smith, BR, Ph D Places, Paths and Persons: The Landscape of Kinship and History in Southern Manggarai, Flores, Indonesia Allerton, C, Ph D Daughters Who Do Not Speak, Mothers Who Do Not Listen.Copies of recent theses are held by the LSE Library. Digging deeper: precarious futures in two Australian coal mining towns Dahlgren, KL, Ph D All things being equal: uncertainty, ambivalence and trust in a Namibian conservancy Laws, M, Ph DThe efficacy of the gender ‘Tok’ and the Anglican Sisters’ house-based response to gender violence in post-conflict Solomon Islands Miguel-Lorenzo, LA, Ph D Real change: translating salvation in Myanmar Edwards, MR, Ph D Accra's professionals: an ethnography of work and value in a West African business hub Kauppinen, AM, Ph DVisceral politics of food: the bio-moral economy of work-lunch in Mumbai, India Kuroda, K, Ph D Expanding War, Expanding Capital: Contemporary Capitalism in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq Kuruüzüm, U, Ph D 'Family business’: work, neighbourhood life, coming of age, and death in the time of Ebola in Freetown, Sierra Leone Lipton, J, Ph DViolent encounters: the changing lives of Muslim women in rural West Bengal Stadlen, A, Ph D Talking through difference: Everyday ethics across borders in an Israeli-Palestinian community Tuv, L, Ph D Claims to orphanhood: an ethnographic investigation of childhood adversity in post-genocide Rwanda Londorf, MH, Ph D Building on shifting sands:co-operation and morality in the new Chinese co-operative movement Stanford, MA, Ph D 'Keeping the lamp burning': a study of a mosque congregation Shuttleworth, JC, Ph D After the American dream: the political economy of spirituality in Northern Arizona, USACrockford, SE, Ph D Performing Masculinity in Peri-Urban China: Duty, Family, Society Wong, MM, Ph D The Island of the floating world: kinship, rituals, and political-economic change in post Cold War Jinmen Chiu, H-S, Ph D 'The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighbourhood': Community, enterprise and anti-modernity among reforming evangelicals in a United States city Fletcher, KC, Ph D The afterlife of abundance: wageless life, politics, and illusion among the Guarani of the Argentine Chaco Diz, A, Ph D Failure and the politically possible: space, time and emotion amongst independent activists in Beirut, Lebanon Musallam, F, Ph D The living dead: revolutionary subjectivity and Syrian rebel-workers in Beirut Proudfoot, PJ, Ph D The attraction of unity: power, knowledge and community among the Shuar of Ecuadorian Amazonia Buitrón Arias, N, Ph D 'Do It yourself' development: ambiguity and relational work in a Bangladesh social enterprise Huang, J, Ph D To fulfil the law: evangelism, legal activism and public Christianity in contemporary England Mc Ivor, M, Ph D Future aspirations and life choices: a comparison of young adults in urban China and Taiwan Remmert, D, Ph D Generations of Migration: Schooling, youth and transnationalism in the Philippines Martin, CA, Ph D The ethical life of Muslims in secular India.Islamic reformism in West Bengal Pool, FW, Ph D Living through forms: similarity, knowledge and gender among the Runa of Pastaza (Ecuadorian Amazon)Mezzenzana, F, Ph D The vanishing margin: an ethnography of rural water provisions in the environmentally degraded Chinese countryside Pia, AE, Ph D Material morality: an ethnography of value among the Sanema of Venezuelan Amazonia Penfield, AE, Ph D The ancestors remain: dynamics of matrilineal continuity in West Gao, Santa Isabel, Solomon Islands Whiteley, JL, Ph D A country of trial: Islamic reformism, pluralism and dispute management in Peri-Urban Northern Mozambique Laheij, CL, Ph D The everyday life of Chinese migrants in Zambia: emotion, stability and moral interaction Wu, D, Ph D Touch future x ROBOT: examining production, consumption, and disability at a social robot research laboratory and a centre for independent living in Japan Berthin, M, Ph D Mixing and its challenges: an ethnography of race, kinship and history in a village of Afro-indigenous descent in coastal Peru Hale, T, Ph D Sufferer’s market: sufferation and economic ethics in Jamaica Lewis, J, Ph D And they say there aren't any gay Arabs: ambiguity and uncertainty in Cairo's underground gay scenes Zaki, MA, Ph D The everyday moralities of migrant women: life and labour of Latin American domestic and sex workers in London Gutierrez Garza, AP, Ph D Children and the benefits of gender equality: negotiating traditional and modern gender expectations in a Mexican village Milicevic, Z, Ph D Extraordinary ethics: an ethnographic study of marriage and divorce in Ben Ali's Tunisia Grosso, SJ, Ph D To work is to transform the land: agricultural labour, personhood and landscape in an Andean ayllu Sheild-Johansson, CM, Ph D The ambiguities of documentation: migrants' everyday encounters with Italian immigration law Tuckett, AL, Ph D Relating as Children of God: Ruptures and Continuities in Kinship among Pentecostal Christians in the South-East of the Republic of Benin Quiroz Uria, S, Ph D The state through its mirrors: an anthropological study of a ‘Respect-the-Elderly Home’ in Rural China at the turn of the 21st century Liu, X, Ph D Non-cockfights: on doing / undoing gender in Shatila, Lebanon Barbosa, G, Ph D What reform?These claims were made despite strong evidence to the contrary from Tsai’s alma mater and the British Library.Cao said that according to the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS) website, where all theses published in the U. are collected, Tsai’s doctoral dissertation for her Ph D degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), University of London, has been listed as “missing.” The commentator said he had never heard of such a thing happening before.


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