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Macbeth speaks these lines as he starts to doubt his plan to murder Duncan.He uses a complicated metaphor that compares his experience to horse-riding.

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One of the most profound and disturbing themes in Shakespeare’s Macbeth involves the changing in morality.

Macbeth had changed his whole outlook on life throughout the course of the book, ranging from being reluctant to kill a noble friend to doing anything to it takes to maintain his position as king.

Macbeth speaks these lines as he realizes that the witches’ prophecy (that he will be Thane of Cawdor) has come true.

He immediately starts to wonder whether this means that their third prophecy (that he will become king) will also be true.

The typical roles of masculinity and femininity are often reversed as desire for power increases.

Ambition also causes peoples actions to change in the heat of the moment. When Shakespeare wrote 'Macbeth ', he had a message he wanted to portray.Lady Mac Beth heard about the prophecy through Mac Beth and wanted him to take action.In the beginning, Mac Beth was skeptical about going out with the whole plan.Macbeth is one of many famous tragic plays that Shakespeare had created.In comparing Macbeth to the others plays, the story is shorter and shows a lot of darkness in the world.This quote reveals how him giving in to his ambition and murdering Duncan has not brought him peace, but rather has just left him more paranoid and anxious.The line also reveals how Macbeth’s first violent action sets off a chain reaction of him continuing to commit violent actions in order to maintain his hold on the power he has gained.These lines reflect Lady Macbeth’s own philosophy of power, in which only individuals who are willing to set their morality aside will rise to greatness.They also show that she is a sound judge of character, and understands her husband very well.“A pondered, premeditated crime is often punished worse than one of someone who was persuaded at the time.” (Rae, 2000. After Macbeth is king of Scotland, he begins to wonder about his friend Banquo.Macbeth Draft Ambition is highlighted all throughout the play 'Macbeth '.


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