Macbeth Theme Analysis Essay

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Shrouding all of this is the element of the supernatural, represented by the three witches whose ambiguous prophecies at first tempt and then confuse Macbeth.

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He rejects her suggestion, crying out, "What hands are here. But midway through the play, Lady Macbeth loses both her influence over her husband and the ability to repress her own conscience.

Once her husband has departed to combat against Macduff's forces and Lady Macbeth is left alone, she assumes the very manifestations of guilt that have been associated with Macbeth, insomnia and hallucinations, in even more extreme form.

Macbeth is the story of a Scottish warrior lord (or Thane) called "Macbeth".

A brave fighter and member of the nobility, Macbeth is admired by all.

As for the motive behind the theme of guilt, it is ambition for power, and it does not require much for Macbeth to embrace the weird sisters' vision of him as the ruler of all Scotland.

Macbeth is ambitious, but it is Lady Macbeth who is the driving force behind their blood-stained rise to the throne(s) of Scotland.

Mac Beth Literary Essay ENG3U Ambition is usually what drives most towards success, however, in Shakespeare’s Mac Beth, it is was leads Mac Beth towards his downfall.

Ambition is a quality which many crave, though it is shown through Mac Beth that it is not always a positive attribute.

Even before his encounter with the three witches, Macbeth finds himself in an unnatural dramatic world on the "foul and fair" day of the battle (39). After his first conclave with the witches, Macbeth is unable to determine whether the prophecy of the witches bodes "ill" or "good." He then begins to doubt reality itself as he states that "nothing is / But what it is not" (141-142).

The prophecy, of course, is true in the first sense but not what Macbeth takes it to be in the second.


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