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According to this view, increased demands lead to increased avoidance, which in turn leads to increased demands for engagement, with the end result being a decline in marital satisfaction.

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Other factors that influence wives’ marital satisfaction are: levels of intimacy, the ability to self-disclose with their spouses and perceive their partners as responsive (Laurenceau et al., 2005) husband’s affection expression and level of negativity and the amount of time they had to spend doing things with friends/relatives/their spouse, as well as their communication styles.

For husbands, studies support that marital satisfaction for husbands include following factors: the presence of wife pursue/husband distance conflict resolution style, satisfaction with sexual relationship, dividing household tasks/view of gender roles and the degree of input they perceive they get in the relationship. (2000), based upon a review of researches mention that in the demand/withdraw pattern, one spouse, typically the wife, criticizes and nags the partner for change, while the partner, typically the husband, avoids the discussion and disengages from confrontation.

Also, as FPS is the most appropriate method for improving communication; it should be taught to young couples to help them reduce their problems and to produce appropriate communication. Likewise, MS scales range from single-item ratings to those that encompass several specific facets of marital functioning (Schoen et al., 2002).

Social-cognitive perspective conceptualizes marital satisfaction as an attitude toward the partner or relationship (Bradbury et al., 2000).

First, all subjects completed the ENRICH and the problem-solving questionnaire.

Then, 80 couples of the most maladjusted ones, were selected and randomly divided into the experimental and control groups.Berger and Hannah (1999) have introduced a ten-stage guide for family problem-solving.The stages are as follow: allocating time for discussions, defining the problem, defining each partner’s share, making a list of couple’s unsuccessful attempts, listing all of possible solutions (brainstorming) negotiating and evaluating possible solutions, agreeing on the solution, agreeing on the cooperation method, arranging for future meetings and setting rewards. (2001) opinion, the present FOCUS pattern consists of facts, optimism, creativity, understanding and solution.Based on these results, FPS can be introduced as an effective method in reducing marital dissatisfaction. Effect of Family Problem-Solving on Marital Satisfaction. DOI: 10.3923/jas.2010.682.687 URL: doi=jas.2010.682.687 INTRODUCTION Marital satisfaction is a global evaluation of the state of one’s marriage or current long-term romantic relationship.Furthermore, as the couple’s communication forms during engagement and the first years of marriage, an attempt to improve communication in this period seems necessary. The MS can be just a reflection of how happy people are in their marriage, or it can be a composition of being satisfied by several specific facets of the marital relationship.This research aimed to study the effects of family problem-solving on decreasing the couple's dissatisfaction.Four hundred and fifty couples were randomly selected from residents of Tehran.He found that husbands and wives feel less understood (verified) when their partner withdraws from conflict.This has more of an impact on a husbands’ satisfaction, but it does impact wives’ satisfaction as well.Based upon the behavioral approach, the Family Problem-Solving (FPS) method is one of the interventional methods to reduce couple disagreement.The FPS is holistic and problem oriented and has two phases, the relationship phase and the problem phase.


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