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Now then, while I think that while Andrew uses data as a way to inform the design (sometimes too much in my very humble opinion) many thesis projects i have seen instead use the data AS design - and it is just not.

Analysis as a means to a thesis is just not the right way to do it, especially when it becomes the thesis.

I'm still a firm believer in the romantic notion of academia as a place of autonomous praxis, a place where the borders of the discipline can be redefined, a place where we can struggle freely to find the ways to make the world a better place.

And I'm afraid that has very little to do with all that. Graham - having recently studied in Canada, the Netherlands(briefly) and now London, I can see a range of differences between their approaches.

I’ll soon be submitting my proposal for my MA thesis here at the London College of Printing and have to say that I’m a little nervous because I don’t really know what an MA thesis is supposed to consist of.

Sure, my professors presented previous student work at the beginning of the year, but a couple of slides and a short description do not a thesis make.My DP final review is 2 years away but i am already planning it and intend to begin some initial process this summer (when i should have time) - and i also intend to approach it as a thesis because it is just plain more interesting that way.just to touch on the issue of analysis in design - when I saw Andrew Blauvelt speak recently I was certainly inpressed with his work, and the projects that came out of the Walker under his direction.However, much as I respect Andrew, I have some personal issues with how much of the work stems from what is essentially research data that is then highly designed and presented to the viewer in a relatively unconventional way - I am not yet convinced that its not just a very fancy pie-chart, or dare I say a highly designed Power Point.yes it looks good, yes it is well designed, yes it is sort of interesting, it just starts to fall flat for me.They write “In documenting, designers dutifully observe the minutiae of their efforts, recording with detail bordering on the absurd.” In their essay Helfland and Drenttel write about a Masters student who’s whole masters thesis project was a scientific documentation of the lint from a clothes dryer.They write “Not long ago we attended a graduate design thesis review featuring several months of lint recovered from a dryer.And though I like your definition, I think something it misses is that academic institutions should aim to advance the discipline.Now when I say discipline, I don't mean profession - I don't think that thesis projects should be grounded solely in practical issues of graphic design, but c'mon ?I think a thesis should be a process that does not neccesarily have a finished product at the end of it, but instead is interrupted sometime in May for a good look-over by some faculty, and then continues for as long as it needs to.Where i attend school (RISD) the BFA students (like me) only do a 'degree project' which i think falls short of a thesis (the MFA students do a thesis) - it is in the end basically just a large semester project.


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