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It is difficult to put different ideas within a limited scope of single definition.

It is difficult to put different ideas within a limited scope of single definition.When one examines an array of standard definitions, one is bound to be staggered at the nature of their diversity.

Biology with life, Algebra with numbers and Geometry with space and magnitude”.

Paul Janet: “Political Science is that part of science which treats of the foundations of the State, and principles of government.”Laski:“The study of politics concerns itself with the life of man in relation to organized States.”David Easton:“Political Science is concerned with the authoritative allocation of values for a society.”Lasswell and Kaplan:“Political Science is the study of shaping and sharing of power”.

One may further examine some standard definitions of Political Science, given by eminent political scientists.

Gettell:“Political Science deals with the associations of human beings that form political units, with the organization of their governments and with activities of these governments in making and administering law in carrying on inter-state relations.”Caitlin:“For the text books, politics means either the activities of political life or the study of these activities.

Hence Political Science deals with the problems of City or the State in which men live.

Meaning Of Science Essay

It is, therefore, defined as the study of the activities of the state.Bryce:“Politics is the conduct of public affairs for private advantage”.Hillman:“Politics is the science of who gets what, when and why.”Bottomore:“Political institutions are concerned with the distribution of powers in society.”Garner:“The meaning of the term “politics” is confined to that of the business and activity which has to do with the actual conduct of affairs of the State.” In short, political science begins and ends with the state.Despite this, one may attempt an analysis of a few standard definitions that have been found in the literature on Political Science.Meaning and Definition of Political Science: Many books have been written on Political Science by the eminent writers and different definitions have been given.Aristotle is regarded as “the father of Political Science”, because of his far-reaching and permanent contribution in the field of political science.Frederic Pollock writes, “There was political speculation before him, but it was he who first brought to bear on political phenomena the patient analysis and unbiased research, which art of the proper marks and” virtues of scientific enquiry.Subsequently it spread over all other countries and its study has assumed greater importance in modern times.Etymologically, the term political science or politics has been derived from the Greek word’Polis’, which means the City- State or the State.Lasswell regards political science as “policy science’.He gives a positivist and non-normative meaning to the definition of politics.


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