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In both the Vietnam War and our current war we see reporters going to extreme measures to be the first to report information that may have been inaccurate.

There was certainly not a lack Of information to report when it came to the Vietnam War.

War is a very serious event and should not be taken lightly.

Therefore, reporters must make sure facts are correct and unbiased.

Despite numerous inaccurate reports there were attempts of trying to report the war accurately.

However whenever a news channel would report Americans getting killed in Vietnam the government would work quickly to cover it up."In wartime, truth is so precious that she should be attended by a bodyguard of lies" – Winston Churchill.Ideally, the media has a responsibility of making sure that it does not happen.This can easily be related to he current war in Iraq.In order to get the war underway the administration made claims of weapons of mass destruction that could potentially harm us.The role of the media in the Vietnam War is a subject of continuing controversy. They argue that the media’s tendency toward negative reporting helped to undermine support for the war in the United States while its uncensored coverage provided valuable information to the enemy in Vietnam. The February 1968 assessment by Walter Cronkite, the anchor of the (known as “the most trusted man in America”), that the conflict was “mired in stalemate” was seen by many as the signal of a sea change in reporting about Vietnam, and it is said to have inspired Pres. Johnson to state, “If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America.” The increasingly skeptical and pessimistic tone of reporting may have reflected rather than created similar feelings among the American public.Some believe that the media played a large role in the U. However, many experts who have studied the role of the media have concluded that prior to 1968 most reporting was actually supportive of the U. Reporting from Vietnam was indeed uncensored, but during the entire war period there were only a handful of instances in which the MACV found a journalist guilty of violating military security.If American media was not allowed into these war situations the government could simply make up another lie and point out old weapons found in Iraq and there would be no proof of proving these weapons old. Therefore people will always pay attention to the stories about our government lying to us.These weapons have still not been found and this is extremely similar to how the ship may not have ever been hot down in Tontine.There are a variety of ethical questions surrounding war, such as how much should citizens know about the fighting?When it comes to reporting the news, it is the goal of the network to report the news first.


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