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Additionally, this research stimulated important theoretical development for how organizations socially construct a semantic structure within a community of practice (Wenger, 1998).By assessing the community of practice, comprised of PSE 250 institutions that direct social media use, a corpus of documents created unstructured data to evaluate the community.

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To determine text meaning from topic extraction, a rotated latent semantic analysis (r LSA) method was applied (Evangelopoulos & Polyakov, 2014).

The second objective of this investigation was to determine if the distribution of topics analyze in the corpus differ by PSE institution geographic location.

Parker says the process was fun, but time-consuming.

“I carried a sketchbook with me everywhere and documented my daily practices, experiences, lessons, challenges and questions.

The spontaneous participation and reification process of the social media guideline and policy document database reaffirmed that a corpus-creating community of practice can instinctively form a knowledge-sharing organization that provides meaning, values, and identity.

These findings should stimulate further research contributions, and provide practitioners and scholars with tools to measure, understand, and assess semantic space for artifacts developed within a community of practice in other industries, organizations, or distributed associations.

This investigation offered a concrete analysis for unstructured text data dealing with of social media guidance.

This resulted in a comprehensive list of recommendations for developing social media guidelines and policies, and a database of social media guideline and policy documents for the PSE sector and other related organizations that guide social media use and implementation.

It has been the most meaningful learning experience I have ever undertaken.

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