Mobile Book Report Hanger

Westcott's School catalogue features our new fashion print products in Plaid - a super-hot fashion trend!We have also developed a series of 5" scissors that are transparent candy colours with glitter inside - sure to be a hit. For example, instead of going into the woods, where does Snow White go?

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Create puppets (even if they're out of brown bags) of the characters from the book, and write and act out a play with them.

Do a soap carving of a character (or animal) from the book.

Gather items described in the book and put them in a shadow box. Design costumes that your book's characters would have worn.

Put together a visual book report collage using magazine photos/cut-outs. Dress up and do a presentation about your book in full costume. Then, all of the students can add their own book reviews. Be sure to include the title, author, key characters, etc. Design a comic version of the book, using a program like Pic Monkey online – or by using pen(cil) and paper. while you're here, be sure to check out all of my Pic Monkey tutorials, plus learn 17 Things You Didn't Know You Could do With Pic Monkey! Pretend you are a TV reporter, and give a “live news report of a scene from the book. Use (no longer valid) to create a “video book talk” letting other students know all about your book. Download this list in a FREE PRINTABLE by clicking below.

Glue it to the construction paper rectangle and trim to form a border. Write the book's title and author's name on it and add an illustration.

Check out the materials list and step by step instructions to this activity and other classroom projects. Be sure to include who they left behind, as well as what they accomplished in their life. Invite your favorite character from the book to dinner. Create a new character, and add him or her to the story. Bookcast a review of the book you just read, being as creative as possible for your audience. If you have a classroom or homeschool group, you can create a classroom book review wiki as well. You can create one online using a website like, or create one with actual poster board and markers. Use You Tube to create a summary of the book – no spoilers! For example, an apple (or a drawing or cut-out of one) for Snow White. Make a mobile using a hanger or popsicle sticks, and magazine cut-outs or your own drawings, giving details about the book. Create a short video clip or podcast about the book (also known as a “bookcast”). You can read reviews from other students, and share your book reviews as well. Draw a picture of what you think your favorite character's bedroom looks like. Use real fabric to create cut-out clothes for them. Do a science experiment based on a character from the book. Create a life-sized model of your favorite character from the book. Read a book that has been made into a movie, then watch the movie. Write a letter to the author of the book letting them know what you liked, as well as how you would have changed their story. For example, instead of telling it from Snow White's POV, tell it from the Dwarves' or the evil stepmother's. Use a Venn diagram to tell how you are alike (and different) from your favorite character in the book. Plan a party based on the book: invitations, food, games, decorations, and even music choices. Imagine you're going to join your favorite character in the book. Tell (out loud or on paper) the story from a different point of view.


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