Modernization And Westernization Essay

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Recruitment to these is not determined in characteristically modem societies in any fixed, ascriptive kinship, territorial caste, or estate framework.

The specialized roles are “free-floating” (i.e., admission to them is not de­ termined by ascribed properties of the individual); similarly wealth and power are not ascriptively allocated – at least not as much as in nonmodern societies.

European colonization greatly changed the cultures of the above mentioned countries cultures, economies, and religions.

Driven by the desire The aggressive westernization of Nigeria is being guided by the United States and other Western countries.

In western Europe they developed from feudal or absolutist states with strong urban centers, in eastern Europe from more autocratic states and less urbanized societies.

In the United States and the first Dominions (Canada, Australia, etc.) they have developed through processes of colonization and immigration, some of which were rooted in strong religious motivations and organized in groups of religious settlers, while others were based mostly on large-scale immigration oriented mostly to economic opportunity and greater equality of status.

And yet beyond these variations there are also developed many common characteristics which constitute perhaps the major core of “modernization“ of a modern society, and it would be worth while to analyze these characteristics.

SOCIAL MOBILIZATION AND SOCIAL DIFFERENTIATIONThe common characteristics of modernization refer both to what may be called socio-demographic aspects of societies and to structural aspects of social organization.

In some areas kings historically held the land in trust and in modern time this has made the transition to government control easier.

Historically, modernization is the process of change towards those types of social, economic and political systems that have developed in western Europe and North America from the seventeenth century to the nineteenth and have then spread to other European countries and in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.[...] THE BACKGROUNDModernization and aspirations to modernity are probably the most overwhelming and the most permeating features of the contemporary scene.


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