Multiple Intelligence Research Paper

Let us discuss all of them in detail in order to develop an understanding of key intelligences.This intelligence refers to the use of language to accomplish certain goals.

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Some of those prominent figures include Nelson Goodman, Jean piaget, Erik Erikson, and Jerome Bruner.

Currently, Garner is serving as a professor in Boston University School of Medicine and Harvard University.

HOWARD GARDNER AND MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES Introduction Howard Gardner postulates that each society has its own concept of individuality or that of the ideal person.

The ancient Greeks described the ideal person as the agile type with rational judgment and good behaviour while the Romans were more of a manly courage. Good Work: Where Excellence and Ethics Meet, New York: Basic Books.

Seven Intelligences of the Theory Multiple intelligence theory suggests that humans usually have a variety of intelligences that are independent of each other (Marchetti, n.d.).

This theory is more humane and veridical as compared to alternative views of intelligence (Gardner, 2006, p. The seven intelligences included in the Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences model are linguistic intelligence, logical/mathematical intelligence, musical intelligence, bodily/kinesthetic intelligence, visual/spatial intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, and intrapersonal intelligence (Bogin, 2012).

He got his major education from Harvard University where he studied history, social relations, psychology, and human behaviors.

His ideological beliefs and perceptions are influenced by some key figures related to the fields of psychology and sociology.

Theory of Multiple intelligences Theory of Multiple Intelligences First postulated by Dr Howard Gardner in 1983, the theory of multiple intelligences suggests that there are eight different intelligences the influence the learning potential of children and adults, as well.

The theory holds that the tradition understanding of intelligence which is based on I. testing is limited in describing the intelligence of individuals.


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