My Childhood Short Essay

My Childhood Short Essay-66
As walked faster, the rain got more intense (stronger). We paid some money to the beggar, and, in fact, left him all that we had-eatables, wallets, purses. It häs taught me the value of courage in the face of the greatest danger.Along with the rain came hail(frozen raindrops), And now the rain had developed into a less severe hailstorm. Perhaps more than this, the picture of Chacha’s unforgettable personality is part of our minds for all time to come.Every person, no matter how old he is, has a large and bulky database of his earlier memories.

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Every door in the house was fitted with wobbly crystal doorknobs. My brother and I would sleep in the small bedroom off the kitchen—the very room our mom shared with her own brother growing up in the north side of Chicago.

I can picture myself reaching way down into Grandma’s frost-filled chest freezer for the ever-present box of Eskimo Pies.

We sat in the sun on a grassy plot for an hour or so talking amid joking with each other.

Suddenly.clouds appeared in the sky and a cold wind began blowing. As we were walking back to our city through the beautiful valley, it started raining.

Some experiences in our lives are worth remembering.

I shall always remember one that I had in January last year when I went on a picnic.Her well-stocked pantry and doily-covered tabletops contained loads of delectable treats I was often denied at home: .This was the 1960s, long before big-box stores came on the scene.Walking over delicate wooden bridges across the streams and singing songs of joy, we reached our picnic point.For some time, we enjoyed eating oranges bought from the gardeners around.I suggested it would be most suitable if we took shelter under thick trees or even in some cave. Inside we found an old half-naked bearded man sitting and trembling (shaking from weakness and cold). At first, I was afraid, and we all wanted to turn back, but he called us in. Everyone should be ready that he will never win the battle with his nature.It has been proved long ago: after the age of three, the memories of the first years of life start disappearing from the human mind.I know a lot of those, who want to remember some of their first memories.The researchers are sure that any struggle for recalling of the certain childhood memories may equal to zero.


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