Narrative Essay About Learning A New Language

In your life if you don’t make mistakes then you will never learn anything.

I made a lot of mistakes in my high school and I learned from it. I had a hard time when I couldn’t speak English but now I feel really proud.

I will never forget how much I learned from the internship.

The process of learning english wasn’t easy because first I had to learn the definition of each word, pronunciation the word and use the word in a sentence.

The teacher started giving homework which looked really hard for me, so I asked Rashid to help and we did the homework together and he explained it to me.

From the homework, I saw some hard words so I wrote those hard words in a notebook and wrote the meaning.By learning a second language, you will be indispensable at your place of work as you can easily bridge the cultural gap between the two countries, and those with the ability to speak a second language are more likely to find a job.Medical studies has shown the positive effects learning a second language has on the brain.When I got home I read the word and read word, like ten times.However, I didn’t learn English perfectly yet, but there are more steps to go.teacher said, “Don’t be shy or scared, you have to talk with everyone.” So I started talking with the students and being friendly with them and reading books with them.The next day my parents were talking about my school which made me more nervous. I started hanging out with him and I asked him how I could learn English.I started going to school in 9th grade, and I thought that I was blind because everything looked different to me. He told me to talk English with everyone and don’t be shy or scared and an “English to Bengali” dictionary from the library.My first language is Bengali, and I was in Bangladesh for fourteen years. My uncles applied for our family to go United States and we all got the Visa.I didn’t want to leave my village and friends but I had to go with my family.I was so upset, and I really wanted to go home because nobody was there to talk with me. Whichever word I didn’t understand I looked for it and found what the word meant.The teacher was trying to talk to me, but I couldn’t talk to him. Also whenever I saw a hard word, I wrote those words in a notebook and wrote the word’s meaning.


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