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A fascinating passage concerns the development of a six-phase spectrum of conflict.

The military's focus on the stability side of the spectrum resulted in the creation of Africa Command, a move that, Brooks notes, the State Department disdained.

In her most recent book, Professor Rosa Brooks (Georgetown Law) ponders the wisdom and consequences of the United States' being in a perpetual state of war and routinely using the military instrument to achieve other than strictly military goals.

Her experience working in the Department of Defense (Do D) Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Office informs her argument throughout.

In particular, the invocation of the nebulous term "terrorism" has been used to justify the use of military force against foes who did not even exist in 2001.

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She provides intriguing details regarding such endeavors to constrain armed conflict as the Lieber Code, the creation of the International Red Cross, the Geneva Convention, the Kellogg-Briand Pact, and the "Responsibility to Protect" doctrine, all of which underlie our concept of human rights.

Brooks clarifies the tension between the rights of the individual human being and the UN Charter's emphasis on nonintervention without favoring one over the other.


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