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All you have to do is complete the online scholarship survey and participate in our social activity.

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The reason is that many of these awards exist for the sole purpose of getting an audience for marketing emails.

You may find that trying to unsubscribe doesn’t stop the deluge.

This means that the mailing address, email address, and phone number you provide will become fair game for a wide variety of marketing efforts.

Think carefully about whether this is worth it before you enter.

However, the New York Times article cited above mentioned that the site asks students for their name, birth date, race, religion, home address and citizenship status and whether they have “impairments” like H. V., depression or a “relative w/Alzheimer’s.”of information being sold to a wide variety of companies.

Your student should skip any questions that seem invasive or off-topic when it comes to applying for no-essay scholarships.

It seems like you have to provide personal information more and more online, and knowing how it will be used is vital.

Remember that all surveys are voluntary, and that you have a right to look a survey over before your student fills it out.

If you do choose to enter these types of contests, make sure you look for ones that are from reputable brands or retailers.

Also, be aware that many of the organizations that offer these scholarships sell your student’s information to other businesses or schools in order to raise money for the award and profit from the experience.


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