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I argue that the central event driving the emergence of a consensus was the 1999 publication of a book called by British journalist Edward Hooper, which argued that HIV was initially introduced to humans through oral polio vaccination campaigns in the Belgian Congo in the late 1950s.

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CHLOE WOODHOUSE "Evaluating Meaningful Use of Electronic Medical Records: Does EMR Support Doctor-Doctor Communication in Referrals for Surgery?" Faculty Adviser: Steve Epstein, Sociology Abstract: While a great deal of literature has examined the impact of electronic medical records (EMR) on patient-doctor communication, little has discussed the impact on doctor-doctor communication.However, doctors often consult one another on cases and those patients who are under the care of a team of doctors (either from the same or different fields) are typically those who are the most ill and would benefit from effective communication between their doctors.Additionally, the way that scientific and medical information regarding concussions is communicated to players is wrought with ambiguity, which can make players’ medical decision-making especially challenging.My research brings an anthropological lens to the study of concussions sustained in women’s collegiate soccer.Indeed, countless female soccer players have suffered concussions, and growing number of women have had to leave the sport due to these injuries.Although concussions have become an increasingly common injury, there remains a great deal of uncertainty with regard to their diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.Specifically, this project aimed to examine the influences on each individual's understanding of disability as well as how these understandings of disability shaped each individual's health perceptions.The participants, all first generation immigrants from China or Taiwan, each expressed a hybrid model of understanding disability, building upon East Asian conceptions of disability with their cultural and social experiences in America.To gather the perspectives of scientists on this topic, interviews were conducted with sixteen Northwestern University scientists who have used animals in their research.After presenting various moral frameworks within which one can reason about animal ethics, comments from the interviews were then compared with philosophical arguments made by certain ethicists.


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