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Knowing that your application time is precious, NYU must have had some reason to pen a prompt of this size, so it’s important to note each specific requirement and every minute detail that could give you some inkling as to how to tell your own story. I want to spend the next four years of my life in the greatest city in the world? In addition to offering your unique take on why an NYU education is right for you, you’ll also need to make sure your answer ticks off a few specific boxes.

Firstly, NYU wants a drill down of your reasoning from your campus selection all the way to your specific program of choice.

It will be a challenging course but it will also be extremely fulfilling if you give it your all.

As an incoming college student, it is important to understand that you want to get the most out of your money, so “easier” courses do not necessarily translate to “better” courses.6) In the end, it’s all about surviving Claire Leonard, Political Science Major, CAS“My advice to incoming freshman about Writing the Essay is to take it the fall of your freshman year and make sure you get a great professor.

Instead, explain what your desire to move from your hometown to New York says about you.

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Whether you’re trying to be courageous by leaving your small homogenous town or hoping to stay close to your family in Brooklyn, what is your personal reason?While the read may be a bit of a slog, you’re also in luck because this prompt is the one (1) and only supplemental essay NYU hopefuls are expected to write!Laying out the requirements for a 400-word personal statement, the prompt itself clocks in at nearly a quarter of that length.Is there a program that combines your unique interests that is not offered at any other school?Get specific, but don’t worry about being comprehensive. How will living in New York or abroad affect you as a person? Remember that while you have a free reign to gush about how much you want to live in New York, New York, a lot of your potential peers probably feel the same way.So, try not to focus on what you’d like to do or see.The question isn’t just “Why NYU,” but “Why do NYU?” And, of course, if you’ve applied to more than one campus, you’ll want to explain how each location can meet your needs in ways that are both unique and somehow equivalent.I’m a Bio major and I took Writing the Essay for science, and I think that’s a lot better for me than the regular Writing the Essay would have been.”There are different Writing the Essay themed courses that you can take, including a science-oriented class, as well as one that is paired with Texts and Ideas.Depending on your interests, this may help improve your experience by pairing preferred academic fields with the writing curriculum.3) Know your resources Justus Pennington, Neuroscience Major, CAS“You need to go to the tutoring centers even if you feel a little bit nervous about your essays.


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