Odysseus Journey To The Underworld Essay

This shows how the dead may move around in the afterlife and have a place to call their home.We can presume that these shades of the dead resemble who they were during life, since Odysseus is able to recognize and describe them.

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The underworld, in this case, is more a general area where Hades rules and the souls of the dead reside.

In applying theoretical approaches to Homer’s conception of the underworld, we can come to at least a few conclusions about what his depiction meant.

It shows how the dead live on in the afterlife and gives us some imagery of their final resting place as well.

There is no specific divide that separates those being punished from those simply living in the underworld as Homer describes it in the nekyia, but this appears in other parts of the Odyssey (Book IV, for example) or in later texts of Greek mythology, as does more imagery of rivers, fields, etc.

Finally, the punishments that sinners receive show that actions in life will affect you in death.

These conditions again seem to be reserved for only the semi-divine, however.

This is not totally clear, however, as Odysseus mentions “a thousand tribes of those who’d died,” but departs the underworld in fear immediately following this development (Homer, 11.818).

We also see examples of continuity rather than contrast in the case of some of the heroes (Said, 177).

Ajax refuses to speak to Odysseus because of their previous squabbles in life. holding a golden sceptre, and passing judgments on the dead, who stood and sat around the king, seeking justice, throughout the spacious gates of Hades’ home” (Homer, 11.733-37).

In this way, Minos continues to be in a position of power and judgment, as he was a king in life.


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