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He thought Charles was not doing the right thing, so he worked hard and got him executed.Oliver Cromwell was a Member of Parliament (MP) and was against king Charles and his ways, so he worked hard and got the king executed.

Slowly, hesitantly and perhaps unwillingly, Cromwell came round to support both trial and execution, driven forward by the messages which he felt God was sending to him personally and to the army in general during 1648.

In late November he was still writing that he and his colleagues were in a waiting posture, desiring to see what the Lord would lead them to.

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After the death of the king, Parliament ran England - but still, in Cromwell’s point of view this system did not work effectively.

Finally, in disgust, he put an end to the farce by defeating the Scottish army, purging Parliament of ninety-six Presbyterian members, and seizing, trying and executing the faithless Charles.

"Cromwell was more responsible for the overthrow of the Stuarts than any other man, and as the commander of a large, well-trained army, he had power to establish a dictatorship." The Lord Protector's actions were based upon long doubts and considerations.

Oliver Cromwell Oliver Cromwell is one of the most controversial personalities in England's history.

Many scientists have been arguing about him for centuries. "The English bourgeois revolution of the 17th century was the first revolution on a European scale.

The desire in France, the United Kingdom and Czechoslovakia to avoid war with Germany led to a policy of appeasement.

Through a series of meetings a consensus was reached, led by Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, which specified that Sudeten Germans had a legitimate complaint and Germany’s expansionistic intentions did not reach beyond the Sudetenland....


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