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The thesis tracks the discourse through architecture as the terms shift and become more and more indistinguishable from the Western manifestations from which the Japanese architects wished to claim distinction.

The discussion on difference and possibility – cultural identity and the creative project – as fundamental questions for a contemporary practice of architecture is undertaken through an analysis of the polar positions of Tange Kenzo and Shirai Sei’ichi.

The Portiuncula was copied throughout the Franciscan order, but as the order grew its commitment to poverty waned.

As a result, buildings began to deviate from Francis' ideals.

This project focuses on images of apocalyptic destruction of the city in film, specifically the Metropolis stories by Fritz Lang (silent, 1926) and Rintarô (animated, 2001), reached by way of Osamu Tezuka's comic strip of the same name (1949).

These films act on and through the image of the city to render acute the problematic modern relationships of architecture to the body, and of community to its others.

Yet surprisingly, neither the symbolic values of Thai sacred architecture nor their specific expression at Wat Pho have been clearly articulated.

Indeed the conceptual orders and narrative intentions of Thai temples are cloaked in mystery and misinterpretation, especially in contrast to their better known neighbours such as Angkor Wat.

In disciplines where journals are not the primary form of scholarly communication, dissertations offer access to significant primary research that is not published in any other format and they surface seminal ideas from notable scholars.

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