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If your institution library has them in limited number, you have no other option but to buy few of them.

When ‘supervisor X has an open-door policy and is always willing to talk about your projects’ appears in multiple theses originating from the same lab, you are confident that approachability is one of that individual’s strengths. That said, when the thanks wind on for three pages I start to lose patience and wonder who they’re going to thank next: the cute barista at the local coffeehouse, an eccentric chemistry teacher, or perhaps the Twitter followers who ‘liked’ all of their sassy memes? If the only thing you can say about your advisor is they ‘had some interesting ideas’, you might want to add some diplomatic lies – it’s better to spirit away from a bad Ph D experience quietly instead of dragging it with you.

Other people aren’t content to paint a lasting aura of warmth around their doctoral student days: they want to brag about their suffering, too. And spare a thought for the scientist who ventured the rather unconvincing: ‘I’ll probably come to look back on my Ph D as the most rewarding time of my life’. At a minimum, your supervisor and family should receive a nod.

The digital library of any academic institution must be full of thesis papers that can be downloaded for the current students.

Sometimes, you may need to pay a nominal fee in order to purchase them.

The library is the best place to find out what your seniors have written in their acknowledgement pages.

You can borrow these papers with the permission of the librarians or if it’s not the norm, then you can easily note the structure down.

On the other hand, the page must be a single one and you shouldn’t lengthen the piece unnecessarily.

Visiting your institution’s academic library is the quickest and easiest way to find out the acknowledgement samples.

What these people achieved in terms of research isn’t the name of the game; a lot of their findings were published long before I sat down with their magnum opus.

Sure, I might be curious to see what remained unpublished – but what I really want to do is sneak a glance inside a fellow scientist’s soul.


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