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Another example for this is the traffic lights which changes its colors depending upon the traffic.Following are the application areas of Internet of Things(Io T): Many people are not aware of this concept so you can choose for your project work and learn something new.Here is the list of latest topics in Computer Science that you can choose and work for your project work or thesis and research: Data Warehousing is the process of analyzing data for business purposes.

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Big Data is a term to denote the large volume of data which is complex to handle. Structured data is an organized data while unstructured data is an unorganized data.

Thus you can prepare your project report or thesis report on this. It is an internet-based service that creates a shared pool of resources for consumers.

Computer Science is the seed to this technical development. Computer Science students both in bachelors and in masters are studying the same topics and subjects from the past few years.

There are a number of good topics in computer science for project, thesis, and research for M. Students don’t even have knowledge about new masters research topics.

By some estimates, these people far outnumber professional software engineers, yet few researchers have investigated the unique kinds of problems they face while programming. “My thesis is that by understanding the unique challenges faced during research programming, it becomes possible to apply techniques from dynamic program analysis, mixed-initiative recommendation systems, and OS-level tracing to make research programmers more productive.

With each passing day, new and innovative developments are coming out in this era of Professor Sean Gong This guide is aimed at those involved in Ph D research into computing, but much of what is said here applies to all Ph Ds.Although a successful Ph D is commonly judged by one having (1) completed a written Ph D dissertation (the thesis) , and (2) successfully defended it in ones oral examination (the viva) , it is usually not clear how these two objectives can be achieved within a given time (typically 3 years).The path to a successful Ph D is necessarily a hard but rewarding process of conscientiously developing and mastering the A Ph D dissertation must not be merely a record of all the work one has carried out over three years!It is essential to appreciate that a Ph D thesis is not a report of everything one has attempted and experimented .The data warehouse in simple terms is a type of database different and kept isolated from organization’s run-time database.The data in the warehouse is historical data which is helpful in understanding business goals and make decisions for future prospects.It is a relatively new concept and have high growth in future.Data Warehouse provides Online Analytical Processing(OLAP) tools for the systematic and effective study of data in a multidimensional view.This technology is developed for better efficiency and accuracy apart from minimizing human interaction with the devices.The example for this is home heating in some countries when the temperature drops done through motion sensors which automatically detect the weather conditions.


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