Physical Education Homework

Historically, social and political forces have influenced the amounts and types of homework assigned to students (Gill & Schlossman, 2004; Maltese, Tai, & Fan, 2012).

The often contentious debate about the efficacy of homework persists today.

Kohn further contended that time devoted to homework could be better spent engaging in activities that truly interest students without exacerbating the achievement gap observed between students who have a lot of parental support versus those who do not (Kohn, 2006).

While intense debates regarding homework for academic classes continue, the use of homework in physical education classes has not inflamed such passions.

The Fitness Portfolio, maintained throughout the year, keeps record of fitness assessments in the mile run.

Students are required to maintain a 1” 3-ring folder and a clipboard.

These fitness homeworks are meant for the students to take home and complete.

These assignments are designed to ensure the students are exercising outside of school.

Sports and Fitness Portfolio Written assignments are an integrated part of Lincoln’s Physical Education curriculum.

Written assignments include record keeping, quizzes, tests, and materials provided by the teacher.


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