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Maybe you'll be on a team that wins the world championship, and they'll give you a big ring! I wanted that ring more than anything in the world, so I began a strict commitment to basketball. When my friends went to the lake to swim, I stayed in a 104-degree gym and worked on drills homework basketball, my dad called it. I took my basketball into empty movie theatres and dribbled on the carpeted aisle during movies. When I got a bike, I learned to dribble while riding it and, later, while hanging out the passenger side of a car.

When he graced the basketball court the ball seemed to become an extension of his hands.

In a time where complicated moves were actively discouraged, Pistol Pete Maravich broke the mould.

However, under Press, Pete would also take with him unwanted emotional baggage.

A dedicated player, Pistol Pete Maravich spent long hours practicing on his own.

As a result, he developed incredible ball control, shooting skills and passing ability. It was at Daniel that he earned the nickname ‘Pistol’ because of his style of shooting.

He threw the ball from his hip resembling a gun-slinger.Pete straddled two worlds, the old world of basketball as a pure sporting endeavour and the newer world of professionalism where basketball was not merely sport but also entertainment.Pistol Pete attracted a huge following becoming the game’s first true superstar.He also set an NCAA record by scoring more than 50 points 28 times.The 1970 College Player of the Year was selected third overall in the NBA draft by the Atlanta Hawks and wasted little time becoming a prime-time player by averaging 23.2 ppg his rookie season.After spending four seasons in Atlanta, Maravich was traded to the New Orleans Jazz where he peaked as an NBA showman and superstar.He made the All-NBA First Team in 1976 and '77 and the All-NBA Second Team in 1973 and '78.Intricate dribbling, great shooting and two-handed reverse dunks are explained by tremendous talent and great genetics. However, the truth is that all good players put in a tremendous amount of time developing these aspects of their game.This was especially true of ‘Pistol’ Pete Maravich, basketball’s first superstar, and the ultimate showman.Basketball is a game that, when played well, requires enormous skill.Great players appear to make everything look simple and easy.


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