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method that analyzes in great detail a person, an organization, or an event.

The supermarket has challenged consumers to prove they are charitable to the cause, with Aldi and Lidl following example by vowing to pay supplier’s 28p more for the milk they sell. S Speed skating Olympics Design Flaw (2014) Baltimore-based sportswear brand, Under Armour, came under huge scrutiny following the 2012 Olympic games.

Exclusively providing the US Speed Skating teams competition suits, none of their athletes medalled in the games – a stark contrast to when they won 4 medals at the 2010 Vancouver games.

Therefore, we thought we would share with you a few tips that have helped us succeed in developing strong case studies that highlight the great work of our clients.

While not every company chooses to develop case studies, companies that do can ensure a smooth development process if they are willing to outline the necessary steps ahead of time.

on behalf of Tecplot, Inc., and several prominent universities on behalf of Serials Solutions, among others.

Over that time, we’ve worked our way through processes that have worked well, and those that didn’t.

If we had designed it to look like something, we would have gone with a snowman J”.

7.) Texaco Racial Discrimination Lawsuit (1994) Texaco were in serious trouble after secret conversations recorded between executives revealed racist discrimination, causing six African-American employees to file a lawsuit.

The CEO for Texaco, Peter Biljar, issued a public apology and admitted embarrassment, suspending the executives involved and cutting their benefits.

In an attempt to connect with its disgruntled employees, executives went on tour to apologise around the country.


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