Preparation For Chinese New Year Essay

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Chinese New Year is the most highly anticipated Chinese holiday of the year for good reason — it’s a time of high spirits, bustling energy and many happy reunions.Planning for Chinese New Year involves two main themes.People who live far away from their families will also go back, as it is a festival of family reunion.

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Less well publicized, however, are the 15 days of Chinese New Year, the festival season that stretches from the new moon on New Year’s Day until the full moon on the Lantern Festival.

Read More » Each new Chinese year is named for one of 12 animal symbols from the Chinese zodiac, which then rotate on a 12 year cycle.

It is a day when all indifference and suspicion is replaced by friendliness and goodwill. in an undulating manner, accopanied by Chinese folk instruments such as drums and gongs.

The highlight of the day is almost certainly the Dragon Dance and the fireworks. It is believed that the Dragon Dance performed on New Year's Eve scares away the evil spirits and all the bad luck.

Use this day-by-day guide to known when to sweep out your home, visit the barber, decorate and cook a feast.

Read More » Chinese New Year decorations use calligraphy, poetry, plants and food to express hopes for happiness, good luck and prosperity.

The holiday’s traditions, symbols and rituals are all meant to wipe the slate clean and prepare for prosperity, good luck and happiness in the new year.

Simply put, every Chinese New Year is a new beginning.

My parents also buy me new outfits, so as to make sure that I look lovely and presentable when visiting friends and families.

They also indulge me with an almost unlimited access to sweets and confectioneries as it symbolises a sweet year ahead; therefore it explains why it is my favourite festival! Middle People greet and bless one another even though they do not know each other.


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