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Students who focused on a few key activities during their summers should employ this response style.Of course, given that most students answer this prompt in those two typical ways, there exists an opportunity for creative risk.For example, a student who answers that their favorite source of inspiration is “Mark Zuckerberg” will seem quite different from a student who answers “Mother Nature.” The prescription, therefore, is to think about what kind of a picture you want to paint to the adcoms, and answer accordingly.

As Tigers, students enjoy access to world-class facilities on a beautiful campus that’s nothing short of picturesque.

Enormous fountain sculptures, perfectly kept lawns, and a gorgeous college town all complement Princeton’s incredible gothic architecture, making students proud to call Princeton home.

Compared to other top universities, Princeton likes to differentiate itself by emphasizing its focus on undergraduate education—for example, although Princeton has a smaller endowment than Harvard, proponents of the Jersey school argue that undergrads at Princeton see more of those funds.

Furthermore, whereas students at other schools might perceive large lectures as impersonal, Princeton boasts that its faculty pays a great deal of attention to its undergrads, allowing their four years to be academically intimate and accessible.

To avoid this, make sure that your creative decision makes sense in the context of what you wrote.

A powerful anecdote could be super effective; a poorly executed rap will probably doom your application.

Therefore, try not to touch upon any of the same themes that you’ve already written about.

With that in mind, let’s explore each of the prompts individually.

After all, four years is equivalent to 20% of the life you’ve lived thus far.

Professor Cohen, a specialist in international political economy, joined the department in 1991.


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