Private Vs Public Healthcare In Canada Essay

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At first glance, moral and logical thought might suggest the Italian system is fairer and should be applied to the US as well, but there are issues also in those countries, such as Italy or the UK, where healthcare is considered an inalianable right of each and every citizen and is thus provided by the State.

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Certain areas, in simple words, are luckier than other.

The average is still good, in spite of this difference, especially when the quality of the Italian health system is compared to that of other European countries.

It is undeniable, however, that national healthcare in the North tend to be more efficient and effective than in the South of Italy. This stands true in case of emergencies, but things are slightly more complicated if you need a specialist’s visit or in the case of prescription drugs. These variables are usually income and the level of urgency or necessity of each specialist visit or medication.

The latter, for instance, are devided in groups: the more essential is the medication to the life and well being of the person, the less it is paid.

Life saving medications are usually free and most are in any case paid a fraction of their actual price.

In the case of specialist visits, the patient has the choice to either wait on for a free (or cheap) appointment on the public system, or pay for a private, quicker consultation.There is another consideration to make: a great deal of medical expenses are deductible or are cleared by the State on the basis of your income: if you earn more, you pay more.However this system, which is theoretically sound, has been considered by many Italians a bit of a State swindle: to the Italian government, any household earning in exceeds of 60 thousand USD a year is high earning.France and Switzerland also offer multiple options, public and private, and most people buy private health insurance.Some of the Swiss government subsidies are similar to those of Obamacare.New drugs and devices are expensive, so oftentimes in Britain, says Pope, "whenever a new drug comes on the market that can save lives, the government just doesn't have the funds to pay for it."Patients, accustomed to accepting whatever government hands out, don't even know about advances available elsewhere.Single-payer systems also save money by rationing care.In Italy, as in the US, such income is far from being “high”, considering the life costs in this day and age, especially for an average family.Problems, there are aplenty, but the good points of the Italian healthcare system should not be forgotten.In Britain, millions of people purchase private insurance, says Pope. Equalize the tax law and more individuals would pick the coverage best suited for them.The Health Care System is a thorny subject in every country of the world: often tied dangerously to the political agendas of its creators, it is known to be one of those matters that could make a government capitulate.


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