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Yet they found only faint evidence that homework provided academic benefit in elementary school (, 2006). Homework proponents also cite the nonacademic advantages it might confer, such as the development of personal responsibility, good study habits and time-management skills.But as to hard evidence of those benefits, "the jury is still out," says Mollie Galloway, Ph D, associate professor of educational leadership at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon.

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Since many children find homework learning to be tedious and boring, they don’t try as hard, which in turn affects their in-class performance.

Teachers have tried combating this trend by making homework more appealing and challenging, but it hasn’t always fared well.

Homework, on the other hand, forces a child to take responsibility and manage his time better.

Children who fail at this task ultimately garner poor homework grades and fall behind in class, whereas children who do take full responsibility excel.

Too much homework can demoralize students and lead to lower test scores.

Students from countries where less homework is assigned, such as Japan and Denmark, score better on tests than students from countries that assign a lot of homework.

These benefits add up and eventually become clear when students are tested.

Students who complete homework everyday are better prepared; therefore, they are more likely to feel confident and less anxious about performance.

Now, as schools are shifting to the new (and hotly debated) Common Core curriculum standards, educators, administrators and researchers are turning a fresh eye toward the question of homework's value.

But when it comes to deciphering the research literature on the subject, homework is anything but an open book. Spend more time practicing multiplication or studying Spanish vocabulary and you should get better at math or Spanish. Homework can indeed produce academic benefits, such as increased understanding and retention of the material, says Duke University social psychologist Harris Cooper, Ph D, one of the nation's leading homework researchers. In a review of studies published from 1987 to 2003, Cooper and his colleagues found that homework was linked to better test scores in high school and, to a lesser degree, in middle school.


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