Pro Legalization Marijuana Research Paper

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And the few studies we do have were done mostly in the nineteen-eighties and nineties, when cannabis was not nearly as potent as it is now.

It’s hard to study a substance that until very recently has been almost universally illegal.

The authors assumed that alcohol use among students would be a predictor of violent behavior, and that marijuana use would predict the opposite.

In fact, those who used only marijuana were three times more likely to be physically aggressive than abstainers were; those who used only alcohol were 2.7 times more likely to be aggressive. Between 20, the state’s aggravated-assault rate rose seventeen per cent, which was nearly twice the increase seen nationwide, and the murder rate rose forty-four per cent, which was more than twice the increase nationwide.

Messamore reports that, following the recent rise in marijuana use in the U. (it has almost doubled in the past two decades, not necessarily as the result of legal reforms), he has begun to see a new kind of patient: older, and not from the marginalized communities that his patients usually come from.

These are otherwise stable middle-class professionals. Berenson writes, “A surprising number of them seemed to have used only cannabis and no other drugs before their breaks.

Nor did we know how higher-potency products would affect THC consumption.

“We know little about the health consequences—risks and benefits—of many of the cannabis products likely to be sold in nonmedical markets,” he said.

With marijuana, apparently, we’re still waiting for this information.

The amount of active ingredient in a pill and the metabolic path that the ingredient takes after it enters your body—these are things that drugmakers will have painstakingly mapped out before the product comes on the market, with a tractor-trailer full of supporting documentation.


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