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Creative thinking is the ability to find a completely new way to solve the problem.Creative people bring unique perspectives, alternative solutions, and productive new directions to departments and companies.

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Dependability is extremely important in the modern workplace.

Someone who is dependable can usually be counted on to deliver through to the end.

The ability to research allows an employee to diagnose the actual problem, not just the symptoms.

For example, a missed deadline might seem to be the problem.

Communication skills are of the highest importance when detailing processes to others.

Think about how to communicate a solution to your coworkers.Remember way back when we were talking about identifying the why of the problem?Great research skills will allow you to do just that.How you communicate the solution is almost as important as the solution itself, especially when you need sign-off from others to get the job done.Make sure to consider the best way to communicate, delegate, and solve problems.Problem-solving soft skills usually allow an employee to prepare for problems before they happen.There are preparative techniques to solve for common problems, uncommon problems, and worst-case scenarios.Researching allows you to get deeper into the daily processes.Research allows you to identify what works, what could work better, and what doesn’t work at all.In actuality, it may be that poor communication or work overload is the actual problem. You even devised a creative and thoughtful plan of action. Let’s become a quadruple threat by enacting some communication skills.Next time you think you have identified a problem, ask yourself, Is this really the problem or a symptom of a bigger ailment? Once you have your plan of action in place, you'll need to effectively communicate it to the team.


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