Quiz On Note Cards For A Research Paper

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His first method was a take on the Cornell note taking method, or double-entry journal.

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I experimented with note programs, Google Notes, text boxes in Word, and online bookmarks, but was not happy with any of them until I stumbled upon Zotero.

I have praised Zotero before, but the heart of my praise is that the program mimics the note card method.

They could see the importance of tracking the source, of categorizing information, and separating notes into bites, and if they could apply those methods to an improvised version, then so be it. That was my argument, and I am still fairly convinced of it.

On my desk is a student’s outline and in the first paragraph she plans to cite three different sources.

The biggest problem I had with it regarded the way it wasted energy in a computer age.

I was copying by hand what I was seeing on a computer screen and later typing that information back into the computer—a terrible waste that would not be tolerated in another industry.The problem was not that much better when reading books or paper sources—again I was copying something by hand only to have to type it later.Acutely aware of this, I searched the web during graduate school for a program that would allow me to skip the pen work.We find our sources online, print them, and write note cards by hand. I teach the note cards because I know them, and because I cannot see a less energy-wasting method that teaches the skills I want to inculcate.Then, while perusing Bruce Ballenger’s book for something else entirely, I was attracted to his section on note taking techniques.We have just finished note cards—well, some of us have just finished our note cards—and we are constructing the outline before writing the first draft.It’s a familiar process and I have been a champion of it for many years.Clearly, Ballenger is not opposed to the note cards for their waste of energy as much as he is opposed to the way they allow the sources to dominate the conversation.This is certainly a weakness of my students’ work, and with that declaration he attracts my attention.He calls the comments the “fastwrite response.” I like the idea but cannot see that my students would have that much to say about each of their notes.It also does not solve the wasted-energy problem, as hand writing the notes would be the easiest way to work with the columns unless students did some slick work with tables in Word (something I find unlikely that my students would do well).


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