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Lynn Newton in his blog on Thinkers Network criticizes the media for fostering racism related violence; according to Lynn the media has stereotyped the Black man as a criminal for ease of showing sensational stories of death and destruction because when it comes to media nothing sells better than death and destruction.The medias portrayal of the black man has generated a wide spread fear and anxiety among white Americans which is reflected in their attitude and behavior towards black Americans.

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Balkaran states that the media has played a vital role in demeaning the Black community, the image of the Black as portrayed by media has encouraged highly negative perception of the African-American community in the minds of white Americans, the fact that it has become customary for police officers to question black youth in any criminal event showcases the underlying negative perception of the black community that prevails in the mind of white Americans.

The negative stereotype image of the African-Americans has been exploited number of times; the case of Susan Smith is an excellent example of this fact.

Although USA is a liberal country, liberality is not reflected in the daily news and for that matter in the mindset of white Americans.

The human suffering from Hurricane Katrina and the images of mostly black hurricane victims and looters have provoked new debates about tough public policy decisions, the nation's troubled racial history and the racial and economic barriers that still separate Americans.

"It looks dysfunctional to me right now," said Rep. She and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus, along with members of the Black Leadership Forum, National Urban League and the NAACP, held a news conference and charged that the response was slow because those most affected are poor.

Many also are black, but the lawmakers held off on charging racism."The issue is not about race right now," said Rep. "There will be another time to have issues about color."Watson and others also took issue with the word "refugee" being used to describe hurricane victims."'Refugee' calls up to mind people that come from different lands and have to be taken care of. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the most prominent black person in the Bush administration, downplayed the criticism.com, the page attracted a lot of attention and many bloggers linked the page to their blogs.One of the blogs featured the following comment “It is not looting if you are white”.The captions of the photographs have actually been responsible for infuriating the masses; the caption reflects the tendency of some people to associate criminal and unethical activities with people of color.The controversy over the issue is justified because media bias is evident.An article by Tania Ralli, which was published in September 2005 issue of the Times Magazine, has brought to light an issue of great controversy.Two captioned photographs of the aftermath of hurricane Katrina have been responsible for unleashing a raging controversy over media bias and racism.Lynn demonstrates these facts by citing examples of a white lady who leaves her seat in the bus when a black man sits besides her, or a white lady who switches sides when she sees a black man walking down the street from the opposite end.In his blog Lynn has accused the media of tampering with the actual news story to give it a desired effect.Balkaran cites the example of 1992 Los Angeles riots, the media had condemned the Blacks to be solely responsible for the upheaval and the media had deliberately suppressed some facts in order to protect the white community.Of all the people who were arrested only 38% were black while the overwhelming 60% of looters and rioters comprised of the Hispanics and White Americans.


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