Real Estate Holding Company Business Plan

Both owners have access to additional sources of revenue to supplement expenses associated with the investment property.One of the largest mistakes made by new real estate investors is in poor property selection. is fully committed to make its rental property business a long term success with future plans for expansion.Even worse is their tenant selection process, often with little or no background and credit checks. It is this dedication and drive which will set them apart from their local peers. believes are its keys to success: Real Estate Ventures, Inc., (“Real Estate Ventures, Inc.”), is a newly formed S-Corporation formed for purposes of managing the underlying real estate located in Franklin, Tennessee, a principal city in the Nashville Metropolitan Statistical Area (“MSA”). is jointly owned by Steve and Linda Rogers, husband and wife.Receive a free digital download of The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing. Find local real estate meetups and events in your area.Start analyzing real estate properties, we do the math for you.Linda Rogers, a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, is a math teacher at Franklin Elementary School. have been interested in finding a means to supplement their income.When Linda’s mother passed away earlier this year, the couple received approximately 0,000 in inheritance and they decided to use this windfall to purchase and manage investment income properties.Below is a detailed summary of the Construction Budget: Steve Rogers personally knows the contractor, Ben Nelson, of Ben Nelson Construction, and has painted many houses for the contractor over the past 15 years. Nelson has approved the budget and believes that barring weather conditions, the project should be completed on schedule with minimal cost overruns.The contractor is reputable and is well known in the community for its integrity, finishing projects on time, and its quality of workmanship. The estimated time to complete the renovation and rehabilitation is one month. has located an approved tenant for the property as well.In addition to their outside revenue, the Rogers received a 0,000 inherence when Linda’s mother passed away recently. is purchasing their first investment property, a well maintained single family home located in the highly sought after Red Mill Estates subdivision. has a contract on the house and the sales price is 7,500. It is estimated the repairs will take one month to complete at a cost of approximately ,000. are requesting a ,750 commercial real estate loan to purchase the investment property.The property is in need of some repair and maintenance (primarily cosmetic). will contract the work to a well known contractor that is personally known by Real Estate Ventures, Inc. A tenant, known by the owners with excellent credit and references, has been located and is ready take occupancy the following month. The credit facility will be based on 15 year amortization and have a loan to value ratio of 50%.


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