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Cybercrime isn’t a victimless crime and it is taken extremely seriously by law enforcement.

The minors that become involved in cybercrime often have a skill set that could be put to a positive use.

Skills in coding, gaming, computer programming, cyber security or anything IT-related are in high demand and there are many professional careers and opportunities available to anyone with IT talent and an interest in these areas.

REPORT - If you believe that your school is the victim of a cybercrime attack or that a student is engaging in cybercriminal activities, you should report it to the school and to the local police: Report Cybercrime Online Given the past years’ fast technological progress, is it quite common for children to easily become tech-savvy.

Youth Pathways into Cybercrime: case study Luke, a teenage boy, is thrilled by the challenge of hacking into websites.

He starts learning hacking skills by asking questions on forums and experimenting with freely available hacking tools.

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