Research Paper On Advertising Effectiveness

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This session attempts to provide theoretical frameworks that can be useful for investigating the processes in which advertising context influences consumer responses to advertisements.

It is proposed that advertising context may have at least two types of influence on the impact of advertisements: affective influence and cognitive influence.

Yi posits that prior exposure to contextual factors can prime certain product attributes and subsequently increase the likelihood that consumers interpret product information in terms of these activated attributes, thereby affecting consumers' evaluations of the advertised brand.

More detailed abstracts of the papers provided by the authors are presented next.

They use these predictions in an experiment using print advertisements.

Research Paper On Advertising Effectiveness

Finally, the last paper by Yi investigates a way in which advertising context can affect consumers' processing of ambiguous product information in advertisements (i.e., information that has multiple implications for the evaluation of the advertised product).

The theoretical and practical implications of advertising context effects are also discussed Amna Kirmani and Youjae Yi (1991) ,"The Effects of Advertising Context on Consumer Responses", in NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 18, eds. Solomon, Provo, UT : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 414-416.

The theoretical and practical implications of advertising context effects are also discussed OVERVIEW Many advertisements do not occur in a vacuum, but rather appear simultaneously with other materials such as programs on TV, articles in magazines, ads for other products, and station identifications.

For example, mood states have been shown to affect the amount and type of processing of print advertisements as well as the motivation to selectively process information about different types of products.

Finally, the paper concludes by combining these two areas in a discussion of affective context in differentially affecting informational versus emotional appeals.


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