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Thus the definition of standardization seems straightforward, but the application can be fairly complicated.

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For further insight into common misperceptions about tests and data interpretation, see Bracey (2006).

What does it actually mean for a test to be standardized?

Most testing occurs in classrooms, where teachers likely respond to the different needs or questions of their students.

Further, the early definition of standardization suggested that content, like conditions, should also be identical for all examinees.

Our purpose is to focus on the nature of standardized tests.

We hope that in learning about standardized testing, readers can become critical consumers of testing-based statistics and arguments.Nearly 40 years later, the Standards of Educational and Psychological Testing (American Educational Research Association [AERA], American Psychological Association [APA], & National Council on Measurement in Education [NCME], 1999) reflects a shift away from focus on equal content, but a continued emphasis on equal conditions.Accordingly, standardization is a form of test administration designed to maintain “a constant testing environment” such that the test is conducted “according to detailed rules and specifications” (p. The testing community has also seen shifts in the level at which conditions are held equal.If a basal has not been determined by the time the examinee reaches a ceiling, the test administrator will move backwards through the test beginning at the entry point until a basal is established (or until the lowest item has been given).The examinee does not complete items below the basal or above the ceiling, and the total score reflects the assumption that he or she would have answered questions below the basal correctly and questions above the ceiling incorrectly.Cronbach (1960) argued that standardized tests were those in which the conditions and content were equal for all examinees.He defined a standardized test as “one in which the procedure, apparatus, and scoring have been fixed so that precisely the same test can be given at different times and places” (p. Standardizing testing conditions and content is meant to increase the reliability of examinees’ scores by reducing sources of error extraneous to the abilities or skills being measured.If you need help writing your assignment, please use our custom writing services and buy a paper on any of the education research paper topics. People often think about #2 pencils, stuffy classrooms, and high-stakes tests when they think about standardized testing.We see in the media that standardized tests are a hallmark of the No Child Left Behind (2001) era.For example, if examinees were given different directions for completing the test (e.g., to guess versus to leave a question blank when the correct answer is unknown), some differences in scores could be the result of directions rather than ability.Standardization attempts to reduce this possibility by holding as many factors as possible constant in testing.


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