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I love that Vocabulary Spelling City allows students the individual time they need for tests, gives the students immediate feedback, grades the tests, and keeps all the data organized and logged for me.” This chart illustrates the ‘spacing effect’: the top trend line represents the learning curve over time using spaced practice, and the bottom trend line represents the learning curve over time after a single instance of learning.

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He adds that playing games with words is a “brain-compatible strategy” for reinforcing learning.

“Games seem to engage students at a high level and have a powerful effect on students’ recall of the terms,” Marzano says.

Stahl (1999) found that teachers must include definitional, contextual, and usage information when explicitly teaching words.

After reading new words, students must be able to access the phonological processes that give those words meaning, by hearing and speaking new words in addition to reading them (University of Michigan, 2016).

Joe Lockavitch say learning vocabulary is critical to reading comprehension, writing, and other literacy and communication skills.

The National Research Council reported in a 1998 study that in fourth grade, 70 percent of the reading comprehension problem is students’ lack of vocabulary.Students benefit from both audio support and immediate feedback, while using Vocabulary Spelling City.When students hear a word, its syllables, its sounds, its definition and the word being used in context, word knowledge accelerates.Vocabulary Spelling City, in partnership with Mc REL International, released a report showing direct vocabulary instruction, coupled with engaging word and vocabulary study activities, builds critical vocabulary skills necessary to ensure academic success. It allows me to assign multiple vocabulary lists every week.With differentiated lists, my students’ needs are better addressed.“Games not only add fun to the teaching and learning process, but also provide an opportunity to review the terms in a non-threatening way.After the class has played a vocabulary game, the teacher should invite students to identify difficult terms and go over the crucial aspects of those terms in a whole-class discussion.” According to Lockavitch, author of Lockavitch and other educational researchers say that providing multiple engagements with new words over an extended period is necessary to commit them to long-term memory.This is where Vocabulary Spelling City comes to the rescue, providing meaningful practice for teachers to integrate into their existing vocabulary study curriculum.After you explicitly teach the vocabulary words, students use our site to hear, say, read, write, and play with their words through engaging learning activities, leading to better vocabulary retention.The immediacy of this feedback allows students to take responsibility for their own learning and take part in making their own instructional decisions.These formative assessments, whether from a practice test or a learning activity, are used by teachers to drive instruction and provide appropriate practice, and by students for self-evaluation and additional vocabulary study practice., recommends allowing students to generate their own explanation or description of a word, rather than copying the teacher’s description, for stronger comprehension and retention.


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