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In the latter case, gathering more samples is probably advised. You can never lay out the whole parameter space, so provide insight into which parameters are significant over what range and which ones are less important.

In the latter case, gathering more samples is probably advised. You can never lay out the whole parameter space, so provide insight into which parameters are significant over what range and which ones are less important.It's not very entertaining to present lots of flat or linear lines.If in doubt, consult a dictionary such as the (on line) Merriam Webster.

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The journal focuses on all technical and practical aspects of Computer Networks & data Communications.

The goal of this journal is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to focus on advanced networking concepts and establishing new collaborations in these areas.

This workshop will bring together researchers and technical experts to share experiences and advance the state of the art in experimental research in areas such as networking, distributed systems, and cloud computing.

It aims to inspire researchers to use testbeds in novel and interesting ways as a means to validate research ideas.

We solicit papers and demo proposals with experimental results from testbeds from areas including, but not limited to: Best Paper and Best Demo Awards: In addition to a best paper award, CNERT will have a separate award for the best demo that exemplifies the principles of experiment repeatability and reproducibility on real systems with running code.

The International Journal of Computer Networks & Communications (IJCNC) is a bi monthly open access peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles which contribute new results in all areas of Computer Networks & Communications.Call For Papers Experimentation has played an important role in advancing research in computing.Although simulation is an important tool for studying and analyzing the behavior of new protocols and algorithms, it is essential that new research ideas be validated on real systems and testbeds.Papers published in IJCNC has received enormous citations and has been regarded as one of the best Journal in the networking research field. AIRCC congratulates the Editor in chief - Natarajan Meghanathan, Jackson State University, USA and all editorial members for the success.IJCNC is listed in ERA 2015 as per the Australian Research Council (ARC) Journal Ranking.This page contains material provided by Gail Kaiser, Craig Partridge, Sumit Roy, Eric Siegel, Sal Stolfo, Luca Trevisan, Yechiam Yemini, Erez Zadok and João Craveiro.Slides from first session: PDF Presentation template: La Te X or PPTX Thesis template: ZIP Artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) have shown amazing success in various application fields like for instance speech recognition, computer vision and data analytics in general.If you as the author didn't take the time to spell-check your paper, why should the editor or reviewer take the time to read it or trust that your diligence in technical matters is any higher than your diligence in presentation?Note, however, that spell checkers don't catch all common errors, in particular word duplication ("the the").IJCNC is listed in ERA 2012 as per the Australian Research Council (ARC) Journal Ranking.The notes below apply to technical papers in computer science and electrical engineering, with emphasis on papers in systems and networks. There are papers that combine the two elements, but most publication venues either only accept one or the other type or require the author to identify whether the paper should be evaluated as a research contribution or a survey paper.


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