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They aren’t trying to make your lives difficult, but it is their jobs to make us think and ponder about many things. Make sure you answer the question being asked rather than rant on about something that is irrelevant to the prompt.

Nearly all paragraphs have a topic sentence and detail sentences which flesh out the topic.

Some paragraphs do not flesh out the topic in the order introduced in the topic sentence. Many paragraphs lack a topic sentence or the detail sentences do not flow from the topic sentence.

To succeed with writing assignments (and benefit from them) you first have to understand their learning-related purposes.

As you write for the hypothetical audience of peer junior scholars, you’re demonstrating to your professor how far you’ve gotten in analyzing your topic.

When you write for a teacher you are usually swimming against the stream of natural communication.

The natural direction of communication is to explain what you understand to someone who doesn’t understand it.Some of the above criteria may be deleted depending on the type of assignment. For example, a problem statement written early in the course likely will not have citations and references yet. This work, Academic Research Writing and Formatting Rubric, is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License. More citations are needed to support the writing and/or citations should be made throughout the sentence. There are few to no citations in the work or the citations are done incorrectly so that it is not clear what work is being cited.Citations are only placed at the ends of sentences or paragraphs. Referenced works are peer-reviewed or authoritative research articles which have an author(s).Wikipedia,, and mainstream news articles have not been used in the references or citations.Some of the referenced works have no author or are from non peer-reviewed or authoritative sources.Often, they’re grading your papers on evenings and weekends because the conventional work day is already saturated with other obligations.You would do well to approach every assignment by putting yourself in the shoes of your instructor and asking yourself, “Why did she give me this assignment?But college papers aren’t written like letters; they’re written like articles for a hypothetical group of readers that you don’t actually know much about.There’s a fundamental mismatch between the real-life audience and the form your writing takes. It helps to remember the key tenet of the university model: you’re a junior scholar joining the academic community.


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