Salman Rushdie Biography Essay

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In various interviews Rushdie has professed to practicing occcult activites including alchemy.

This seemed to only fuel the fire of media and critics.

Rushdie is also highly influenced by modern literature.

Midnight's Children borrows themes from G�nter Grass's novel The Master and Margarita.

However, Iranian clerics did not retract the fatwa.

Rushdie's notorious friendships with occult groups and group members such as Anton La Vey and book shows at popular occult gatherings has linked him to occult activity.India and Pakistan were the themes, respectively, of Midnight's Children and Shame.In his later works, Rushdie turned towards the Western world with The Ground Beneath Her Feet, in which the influence of American rock 'n' roll on India plays a role.Salman Rushdie (born June 19, 1947, in Bombay, India) is an essayist and author of fiction, most of which is set on the Indian subcontinent.He grew up in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) and then graduated with honours from King's College, Cambridge in England.Rushdie lived for a time under British-financed security.During this period, violent protests in India, Pakistan, and Egypt caused several deaths.He is also a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres.The publication of The Satanic Verses in 1989 caused controversy in the Fundamentalist Muslim world, due to its irreverent depiction of the prophet Muhammad.Midnight's Children receives accolades for being Rushdie's best, most flowing and inspiring work, but none of Rushdie's post-1989 works has had the same critical reception or caused the same controversy as The Satanic Verses.Rushdie received many other awards for his writings including the European Union's Aristeion Prize for Literature.


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