Satirical Essay On School Dress Code

Schools seem to think the distraction is intensified when a boy is wearing something revealing or tight, so instead of teaching these girls that boys shouldn’t be objectified, they punish the boys.The controversy has resulted in dozens of lawsuits as punishing these young boys who don’t abide by dress codes will often lead to them being humiliated by school officials who force students to change into a school approved outfit.In class there are disruptive and downright rude students who do not contribute to the learning environment.

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#cool #donaldtrump #farce #government #horatian #horatiansatire #irony #juvenalian #Make America Great Again #parody #period2 #pettingzoo #revolution #sarcasm #sarcastic #satire #situationalirony #verbalirony environment juvenalian satire I am writing this letter to thank you for having set strict dress code rules for girls only at our school. It has impacted me greatly by teaching me that my body is only there to be judged.

There were so many of us females walking around exposing their soft round shoulders and showing off our flowy bouncy locks, that creates great arousal in men.

Dress code is an amazing way to teach girls that their bodies are too sexual and therefore should be covered. Making girls cover up prevent boys from getting distracted by girls racy ankles, therefore making them pay more attention to the class, getting them better grades.

Schools that do not enforce girls to follow dress codes teach them wrong messages like embracing and loving their bodies. I very much appreciate your decision to make the dress code rules insanely strict so that no skin shows at all.

Some of these students are simply “un-teachable” and are a waste of time and space, overcrowding the school and ruining its reputation.

We must heed the saying “A rotten apple will spoil the whole barrel.” After all, what will become of these worthless people in the future?

I hereby suggest a proposal to eliminate all of these social ills, make use of high school Judging by how many students are unwilling to take school seriously, there will never be a shortage of such laborers.

If any defiant workers refuse to offer labor, they will be executed and their place reserved for some other compliant ex-student, there are too many people anyway.

If these ladies are failing classes because my boxers or my shoulders turn them on, then maybe The debate over whether or not male students are singled out for their provocative clothing choices while female students seem to get away with wearing whatever they want has been a topic of controversy across the country for years now.

Since young girls are taught to view boys as sexual objects by the media and society, by the time they reach teenage years, girls have a hard time focusing in class as they’re distracted by the boys.


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