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Despite the film's relative obscurity, it does have the distinction of being one of Brendan Fraser's first leading roles, his first dramatic leading role, one of Matt Damon's first leading roles, and the film in which Matt Damon and Ben Affleck met each other.

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If David’s Judaism is revealed, many of his new friends might turn their backs on him no matter how good a guy he is.

Deep in Northern Ireland's County Armagh, on a farm tucked into the impossibly green hills and orchards, Philip Toner is feeding his cows.

But this highly technical event has become the center of a geopolitical storm between the U. It is both a highly technical event and the center of a geopolitical storm. COMPUTER-GENERATED VOICE: To keep your estimated arrival time...

Like much of Europe, Germany is squeezed between its economic ties to China and its longtime alliance with the U. The European Union has largely tolerated Hungary's nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban, despite his government's crackdown on civil society and virulently anti-migrant rhetoric.

The winner, to be announced on Tuesday, is expected to be Boris Johnson. ET Greeks elected a conservative party led by the scion of a powerful political dynasty in national elections on Sunday, a rejection of the country's left-wing government seen as being too slow in improving the economy after a long financial crisis.

Five years ago this month, Danisch Farooqi dropped off his daughter, Aaliya, at her mother's house in the German port city of Hamburg.A Jewish boy starts at an elite prep-school only to discover he should keep his Jewish beliefs from his schoolmates for fear of rejection.Unfortunately it's not long before one of the boy's finds out and uses it as a way of making his life miserable.Mention the words Prep, School and Drama in the same sentence and shivers shoot down the spines of large portions of the adult population, so riddled with cliche is the dreaded setting filmmakers flock to whenever they want to say something important about rites of passage for the white American male.Add in the spectre of anti-Jewish bigotry and the stomach churns, which makes it all the more refreshing to discover this is not an oppressive 100-minute sermon, but a modest and genuinely affecting drama touching on issues of loyalty, friendship and, yes, prejudice.In Germany, the European Union's biggest cheerleader, the upcoming elections for the European Parliament are supposed to inspire unity. Populist parties that rail against immigration, globalist elites and the EU itself are expected to gain seats in the elections. Then-President Bill Clinton received Orban, now one of Europe's most prominent nationalists, in 1998, back when the Hungarian leader was a 35-year-old reformist who had earned his pro-democracy street cred as an anti-Soviet activist.The United Kingdom already voted on Thursday; Germany and most other EU states will vote on Sunday. ET Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban visited the White House on Monday, his first formal meeting with a U. Orban had helped his country transition out of communism.With a bruising send-off from the local leather toughs, star quarterback David Greene (Fraser) goes from being the only Jew in a small Pennsylvania steel town to being the only Jew at an elite New England prep school where he has been recruited by the old guard alumni to prevent a third straight defeat at the hands of their arch-rivals.Encouraged by coach to keep his Judaism to himself, Greene finds himself accepted into the school's illustrious inner circle, then bites his lip and hides his Star of David when his cloistered schoolboy cronies wheel out the Jewish wisecracks.A few days later, he received a call from an unknown number in Turkey. He told Farooqi he was in Turkey, recovering from injuries sustained while fighting in Syria.He'd brought the whole family to Turkey, including Aaliya.


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