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With the intensification of the Civil Rights movement, this period would witness the adoption of institutional protections for America's long oppressed, segregated and abused blacks.

” She was black as could be, twisted like driftwood from being out in the weather, her face a map of all the storms and journeys she’d been through.

Her right arm was raised as if she was pointing the way, except her fingers were closed in a fist.

Individuals are nurtured and given tools so they are capable of learning and experiencing the world. Ray bluntly tells Lily, “The truth is, your sorry mother ran off and left you.

Living in an unhealthy environment may impact the way someone thinks and acts physically and emotionally, in the novel The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, Lily Owens, a young fourteen year old girl who lives in South Carolina, loses her mother at the age of four because of a devastating tragedy leading to her In a matter of seconds, I knew exactly what I had to do- leave” (Kidd, 41) When Lily can no longer handle her harsh, unyielding father she decides to run away. The day she dies, she’d come back to get her things, that’s all.” (Kidd, 39) In that moment it causes Lily to be very confused and makes her feel unimportant and unloved. Children did not have two parents who refused to love them.

She decides to sneak Rosaleen out of the hospital before she returns to the jail and they run off to Tiburon, South Carolina.

Lily hates her father and with the choices she makes, in a matter of time, Lily is forced to be responsible for herself and Rosaleen, she must learn how to be independent.

One, maybe, but for pity’s sake, not two.” (Kidd, 41) When Lily hears the truth about her mother did, she is outraged by this statement and she runs away.

Lily writes a note to telling him not to bother looking for her.

Lily and Rosaleen will take a journey that will change their lives and shape their future forever.

Lily who loses her mother at a very young age of four shapes her life around the indistinctive memory of her mother’s death.


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