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All these conditions are detrimental to the personal growth and development of students and distortion of values leading to indiscipline, violence, lack of responsibility, lack of respect etc.Thus our efforts towards value education must be rooted in the context of the problems and issues facing teachers and pupils in the schools.

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As desired earlier, value education does not take place in isolation.

It must be set in the context of the world in which we live.

The Preamble and the Constitution of the United States did not commence its operation until the first Wednesday in March, 1789. To insure that the posterity would never be destroyed through miscegenation, the citizenship was restricted to "free white" only.

After this date the Preamble and the Constitution became the supreme law of the land. Consider, if any other race or nation adopted our Preamble and Constitution just as it was originally framed without additional amendments, would not the sovereigns be those who framed it?

are nurtured right from the beginning, the efforts will go a long way to enable students abide by the Constitution and contribute to larger health of society and nation at large.

In fact, promoting values at the school or societal level begins with the individual and the individual in relation to community, larger society, nation and the world.Our choice to decide about the key value concerns in schools must also be firmly rooted in the contemporary challenges of society.Where there is terrorist’s attack every now and then, women and girls are abused, where theft, murder and violence are so frequent, where many are marginalized and ignored by society as a whole, it is important that education for values is clearly set in the global as well as local contexts.These hierarchies deeply influence access to education and participation of children in schools which range from the high cost ‘public’ (private) schools to poorly functioning local body run primary schools.These realities tend to reinforce privilege and exclusion in schooling and undermine the constitutional values of equality of opportunity and social justice.Threats to humanity from climate change, globalization, emergence of technological choices, violence, terrorism, commercialization of education, the increasingly competitive environment and the aspirations of parents place a tremendous burden and add to the stress and anxiety on children. The disorder of the society and the world surfaces in schools in many ways.Further, there are disadvantages in education arising from inequalities of gender, caste, language, culture, religion, disabilities etc.Understanding the importance of fraternity or solidarity and the knowledge that we all belong to a large community, a nation and the globe is also to discover our innate humanity.It is only we recognize our interdependence then we empower to help build a peaceful nation and a world.In a diverse country like India, exercising freedom with responsibility is a must for ensuring peace in the nation.Equality is another value enshrined in the Constitution.


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